Cultural Discovery Program (CDP)

Established in February 2017, the Cultural Discovery Program (CDP) advances cultural understanding between global SOAR Chapter volunteers and the orphaned children in Armenia. Chapter members around the world develop an introductory course on their city/country of residence and present it to the children who have selected those regions of interest. SOAR volunteers provide information about the country’s geography, history, language, and food, facilitating a cultural connection that leaves a lasting mark of curiosity and friendship. Chapter volunteers (and their own children) are reciprocally enriched with a deeper understanding of the Armenian culture, taught from the eyes of the orphaned child.

April 2019

The members of the Thessaloniki chapter giving a presentation to the children of Orran

March 2019

Monika Manişak-Paksoy, SOAR Ankara Chapter President, gave a presentation to the children of Orran about Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara and the Armenian community life in Istanbul. She introduced herself and then presented some colorful photos of the country, of their Armenian schools, churches, hospitals, orphanages, Armenian news media in Istanbul and finished with some food photos.

October 2018

SOAR Harrisburg gave a presentation to the children of Vanadzor/Orran

June 2018

SOAR Madrid gave a presentation to the children at Orran


April 2018

Krikor and Arpine of SOAR Rome chapter gave a presentation to the children at Orran


November 2017

Maria Stepanyan of SOAR Saint Petersburg, gave a presentation to the children of Orran on Saint Petersburg

October 2017

A presentation about China through the Cultural Discovery Program by Vardan Khanyan for the children at Orran

September 2017

Pictures drawn by the children of Orran after a presentation by SOAR Barcelona

July 2017

SOAR Chapter member from Leeds made a presentation about London for program participants

June 2017

Children from Orran participating in the Cultural Discovery Program