The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

The Albert Tamberchi Foundation was established in 2013 as a non-governmental organization that provides financial assistance to orphans, sick children and destitute senior citizens of Armenian origin. Through a cooperative agreement with SOAR, the Foundation provides support to orphaned Armenian children and adults around the world.

November 2018

New computers for Gyumri Social Childcare Center funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

On behalf of Gyumri Social Childcare Center we express our special gratitude to the members of our dear Mr. George Yacoubian, to the "The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief", for providing and strengthening the center with new computer equipment.
Thanks to the new computer technologies provided for the center, the work is organized more efficiently. The computer and internet network has been properly set up, A computerized and web-based network has been set up, resulting in time and human resources focusing on child care, development and quality of services which results in saving time helping with directing human resources to the care, development, and quality of our provided services.

Kind Regards,
Laura Petrosyan
GSCC Director

October 2018

Pre renovation on the 2nd and 3rd floors at Nubarashen funded by SOAR,
The Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation


Continued work...

September 2018

Six new bikes for the children at Nubarashen Orphanage funded by the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
New_Bikes_Nubarashen_Orphanage_Albert _Tamberchi_Foundation

June 2018

Bicylces for the children at Shengavit Kindergarten funded by the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

Opening ceremony of the new gymnasium, kitchen, and dance room at Vardashen

May 2018

Completion of the gymnasium at Vardashen that began last April. It was funded by SOAR Montreal, the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

Coninuing work on the gymnasium ar Vardashen that began in 2017 funded by SOAR Montreal, The Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

January 2018

The greenhouse that was constructed at Dzorak last year in use.
A floral business is being developed involving the residents of Dzorak with special needs and capable of working.

November 2017

A mini bus funded by SOAR La Cañada and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation, to be shared by Gyumri Social Childcare Center (GSCC) and Community Development and Social Support Center (CDSSC)


October 2017

Classroom renovations at Nubarashen funded by SOAR and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation
Nubarashen_Classroom renovations

August 2017

Renovations under way at Gyumri Social Chidcare Center in four rooms:
Room for Psychological Therapy, Social Individual and Group Work Room, Speech Therapy Room, and Children Room
Funded by SOAR, the Albert Tamberchi Foundation, and Minas and Houri Kalachian and SOAR New Jersey



Renovations of the kitchen at Vardashen under way funded by SOAR and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation
Continued progress...
More work and a new refrigerator!
Near completion




Beginning of a clay workshop at Kharberd funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
Work in progress...

Continuing work...

The work continues...
Getting close!


Renovations of the hallway, stairs, and bathroom at Orphanage of Fridtjof Nansen funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

Because of the SOAR project, the stairways have been nicely repaired, for which we are very grateful, Everything looks very nice. The old stairways are completely changed, because we had many cases before of falling down and having injuries. The renovation works are coming to an end, the final result I am sure and you will agree will be wonderful. If we could not get support of SOAR with this issue, perhaps we have to continue another 17 years without any changes. Thank You SOAR!

This is the second section of the building, where the children's rooms are located upstairs. Director Karapetyan said they have chosen bright colors for the kids to make it lighter. Again like in the main building, the corridor, stairways, ceiling have been nicely renovated bwith the SOAR project. We would like to thank again and again Mr. Yacoubian who has been our friend for many years now and welcome guest.

July 2017

Beginning of construction of a greenhouse at Dzorak funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
More work...
Continuing work...
Almost there!


April 2017

Pre renovation for a gymnasium at Vardashen funded by SOAR Montreal, the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation
The vision for the completed vision

December 2016

New blankets and bed covers for Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage

New equipment for Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage

New bedding and sports wear for Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage

October 2016

A new bus for Shengavit Kindergarten thanks to SOAR and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

September 2016

A Salt Cave being constructed at Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage
Find out HERE about the benefits of a Salt Cave
Almost done!

March 2016

Special Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of SOAR Dental Clinic in Gyumri!
To see slideshow of progress from beginning to grand opening GO HERE.

On Thursday March 17, 2016, Our Lady of Armenia Center held its much anticipated SOAR Dental Clinic grand opening to benefit the orphaned children and the elderly in Gyumri. During the ceremony, Diramyr Arousiag Sajonian welcomed several dignitaries from Gyumri, including Mr. Hovsep Simonyan (Shirak region), Mr. Samuel Balasanyan (Gyumri Mayor), Anahid Garabedyan (Orphanage Fridtjof Nansen Director in Gyumri) and Mrs. Hasmig Demirdjian (SOAR La Canada president) accompanied by SOAR supporters, junior members and representatives from Armenia and USA. Mrs. Demirdjian was present during this Grand Opening to represent SOAR. She talked about the mission and the importance of SOAR in Gyumri, Yerevan, Syria, Lebanon and other countries in the world, to help Armenian children in need!

Thanks to the unwavering diligence and combined efforts of SOAR national, Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, Albert Tamberchi Foundation, La Canada, Ventura County, Wisconsin and Chicago SOAR chapters and individual donors through Global Giving, our dream for providing dental care to the orphans and elderly of Gyumri came true! The dental clinic will offer full services and provide dental care free of charge to the underprivileged population of Gyumri. With beautiful teeth, children and elderly will have brighter smiles, a better health and well being.

We would like to also acknowledge all of our supporters without whom we would not have been able to construct the clinic at the Our Lady Of Armenia (OLA) Center! We thank Mrs. Hasmig Demirdjian for a wonderful job in representing all of us at the opening ceremony!

Thank you all for providing this unparalleled gift for the orphaned children and the Gyumri community at large!

To join our efforts in supporting the Dental Care Campaign, please contact

October 2015

A security system installed at Nubarashen

September 2015

The new dental suite at Our Lady of Armenia, Gyumri from beginning to grand opening!

dental_clinic_Gyumri_SOAR dental_clinic_renovations_Gyumri_SOAR dental_suite_OLA_Tashir_roof_cementation_SOAR more_progress_dental_clinic_OLA_Tashir_SOAR roof_work_new_dental_clinic_OLA_Tashir_SOAR equipment_dental_clinic_OLA_Tashir completion_dental_clinic_Gyumri_SOAR denatal_suite_Gyumri_grand_opening dental_suite_gyumri_grand_opening_festivities dental_suite_inaugural_use

August 2015

New water pipes for Our Lady of Armenia

June 2015

17 air conditioners for Shengavit Kindergarten funded by the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
and SOAR-Los Angeles Chapter

April 2015

Renovation of the ​P​layground at Orphanage of Fridjtof Nansen co-funded by The Albert Tamberchi Foundation and the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)​-​Ventura County



Renovation of the Recreation Room at the Our Lady of Armenia Center - Tashir