Bible Study Program

Religion has a long and important history in Armenia. Christianity in Armenia can be traced back to the age of the Apostles - Thaddeus and Bartholomew were the first evangelizers of Armenia and, according to tradition, were martyred there. It was at the beginning of the fourth century, in 301, that Christianity was first proclaimed as the official religion of Armenia. This proclamation was the result of the missionary activity of St. Gregory the Illuminator. The Bible Study Program was launched in September 2015 to provide an introduction to stories of the Bible in a child centered format. The Program is overseen by SOAR-Idaho and SOAR-Gyumri in cooperation with Shengavit Kindergarten, Warm Hearth, and Gyumri Social Childcare Center.

August 2018
The residents of both Warm Hearth 3rd Village and Warm Hearth Arinj visited the Echmiatsin. The residents were excited to see historical places of Armenia. This was the first Bible Study Program excursion for the residents of Warm Hearth Arinj.

May 2018
The residents of Warm Hearth went on a beautiful trip to Saghmosavan church

December 2017
The residents of Warm Hearth visited Geghard Monastery

October 2017
The residents of Warm Hearth visited 2 churches in Mughni and Saghmosavanq

August 2017
The residents of Warm Hearth on an excursion to Ejmiacin with the Bible Study Program

May 2017
The residents of Warm Hearth participating in the Bible Study Program

Bible study program with residents of Warm Hearth, March 2017

Bible study program with residents of Warm Hearth, February 2017
SOAR_Bible_Study_Program_Warm HEarth_February2017

Warm Hearth residents visit Echmiatsin

Bible study taking place at GSCC