Christmas Parties!

Parties sponsored by SOAR Ventura County

Our Lady of Armenia Annie Bezikian Youth Center Christmas Party

Warm Hearth Christmas Party

Nansen Boarding School Christmas Party

Stepanakert Boarding School No.1 Christmas Party sponsored by Chuck Lachin of SOAR Ventura County

Parties sponsored by SOAR La Cañada

SO Kach Orphanage Christmas Party

Zadik Christmas Party

Vanadzor Christmas Party

Nubarashen Christmas Party

Parties sponsored by SOAR Wisconsin

Javakh Christmas Party

Mari Izmirlyan Christmas Party

Orran Christmas Party

Children's Home Gyumri Christmas Party

Gavar Orphanage Christmas Party

Dzorak Care Center Christmas Party

Gyumri Social Childcare Center Christmas Party

SOS Village - Idjevan Christmas Party

Mer Doon Christmas Party

Community Development and Social Support Center Christmas Party

Kharberd Christmas Party sponsored by Ann Lousin of SOAR Wisconsin
Kharberd_Orphanage_Christmas _party

Parties Sponsored by Talar Herculian Coursey, SOAR Salt Lake City Chapter President

Armenian Evangelical Boarding School Christmas Party

Birds' Nest Orphanage Christmas Party

Cardinal Aghajanian Orphanage Christmas Party

Parties sponsored by SOAR's Executive Board

Vardashen Christmas Party

Shengavit Kindergarten Christmas Party

SOS Village-Kotayk Christmas Party

Our Lady of Armenia Educational Center-Tashir Christmas Party Sponsored by Margaret Yacoubian

Terchoonian Home Christmas Party Sponsored by SOAR New Jersey Juniors

Mer Hooys Christmas Party sponsored by Dick Simonian

Nork Orphanage Christmas Party Sponsored by Dick Simonian

Our Lady of Armenia Center Christmas Party Sponsored by Garo and Annette Megerian

Christmas Party at Dalma Mall

New blankets and bed covers for Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage with funds from the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

Dear George,

Many thanks for providing funds for our students Christmas gifts. Today, Friday, before my travel to Lebanon we had a party and we gave the students sweets and eggs to enjoy with their parents and I gave the teachers also a monetary gift.

On behalf of all of them I thank you and wish you Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 New Year. May the Infant Jesus grant all you desires and gives you perfect health, success and prosperity in all you do for the benefit of the less fortunate ones.

Give my greetings to all who ask about me especially your lovely family and children. Batchigner.... Again, Thanks and God be with you always.

Sister Louisa


New equipment for Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage

Zvartnotz Varjaran was hit by a missile on June 2, 2016 at 8:15 p.m. Damages were devastating and heart breaking, almost one third of the school and convent were in ruins. With help from the Hilton Foundation and SOAR Wisconsin, the needed repairs were done, books and uniforms for the children, and assistance for families.

A shipment to Children's Home Gyumri

Pajamas for the children at Nubarashen and a gratitude letter

December diapers for Nork Orphanage and a gratitude letter

New beds and mattresses for Rainbow House (transitional home of Zadik), funded by Wisconsin

New bedding and sports wear for Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage


Thanksgiving celebration at OLA

Vocational training continues...view more on this project HERE

Shoes for the children at OLA Tashir

A thank you note from Nork Orphanage for the diapers received thanks to the SOAR Diaper Fund



A new bus for Shengavit Kindergarten thanks to SOAR and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

Exciting news: On October 27, 2016, SOAR La Cañada shipped a 44 ft container of essential goods and humanitarian relief items to OLA orphanage in Gyumri.
The shipment is valued at $140,000!


New office space for the Community Development and Social Support Center (CDSSC) funded by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

Sport boots were provided for the children at Gyumri Social Childcare Center. Included is a gratitude letter.

A new ceramics program will be started at Warm Hearth thanks to SOAR Wisconsin! Videos to come.

A reunification cottage at Dzorak funded by the Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, SOAR Wisconsin, and SOAR Seattle

Construction under way!

Construction continues

More work...December 1st progress

The family of Svetlana received funds from SOAR Fresno. Svetlana and a sibling both have health problems and Svetlana is just out of the hospital, at home and needing treatments/medication. Their father was in a car accident, and the mother is working the night shift, but struggling to provide for her family.

A second family was also helped with the donation from SOAR Fresno. The family moved to Gyumri from a nearby village to be close to the medical center and hospital. They live on a state benefit and pay rent for the apartment. Two of the children and the mother have serious health problems. The mother was in tears while telling the story of their family how the father had left for outgoing work and was killed accidentally.

Renovations of bedrooms at Birds Nest Orphange which started in June


Karen and Erik with bikes provided by Areg Chobanian

Construction at Vanadzor Orphanage Learning Center thanks to SOAR Los Angeles and IceLink
More work...
Work completed!

A Salt Cave is being constructed at Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage in cooperation with the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
Find out HERE about the benefits of a Salt Cave
Almost done!

Kohar Mardirossian Pelter announced that SOAR received and distributed a large shipment of medical equipment, supplies and rehab equipment including very specialized handicap wheelchairs, special needs beds and mattresses to 4 orphanages (Kharpert, Nork, OLA, and Mari Izmirlyan) in Armenia and Gyumri. It also distributed over 130 pairs of clogs to the Syrian Armenian Center in Yerevan. The entire shipment is valued at $300,000! SOAR is expecting to ship another large shipment of medical and humanitarian aid early next year.


Denise Sisian (SOAR Executive Board secretary) and Susan Harootunian (SOAR East Regional Director) and her husband, Paul, with children Paulie & Anna, just returned from a visit to Armenia. They went to visit the orphanage at Kharberd and had a wonderful time with the children also donating diapers and taking cookies for the children. After spending time with them outside in the gazebo the children sang for them. They all went inside to celebrate with music and volleyball. The children loved having their photo taken and all the attention given to them with plenty of hugs and play time. The group was able to visit the new SOAR hippo therapy arena and horses. One boy, Movses gave Denise a book as a gift which is like a journal in which he wrote a beautiful touching letter to his mom that made them all cry. He said how much he loves his mom and is waiting for the day she will come to visit and he wants to hug her and kiss her and is waiting for her hug.

SOAR La Cañada is thrilled to announce that it has received 2 large donations to be included in the upcoming shipment to Armenia, benefitting the orphans.

Aren Aghamanoukian and the Boy Scout Troop 127 launched “Clothes for Change” project to benefit Armenia’s orphanages. They collected clothing, hygiene and other essential items valued at $40, 000! They worked diligently and very hard for over 3 months to collect, organize and pack the boxes! We congratulate and thank Aren for his leadership in fulfilling this project with the support of his troop and troop leaders. We also thank SOAR La Cañada juniors: Arek Aghamanoukian, Alec and Aren Demirdjian for their help. In addition, SOAR La Cañada received its second large donation from Valentina Aemelian Papazyan, a 5 year old from LA, who wanted to help Armenian orphans and asked her mother, Helen to donate over 3,000 cotton shirts valued at $50,000 to SOAR La Cañada’s shipment. Valentina worked hard all weekend to help her mother load the boxes and bags to be picked up. We could not be more proud of Valentina (and thank Helen Papazyan) for her amazing spirit of charity and generosity towards the destitute in Armenia, specially the orphans.

Sister Louisa in Syria has been able to work on much needed renovations and also assist families in need because of a large donation from SOAR Wisconsin!

A second $10,000 emergency grant was given to the Syrian Armenian Disaster Relief Fund from the Hilton Foundation for Sisters!

August diapers for Nork Orphanage

The second year for the Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund summer retreat


Security cameras for Birds' Nest Orphanage


Students from Hrant Dink in Istanbul were able to attend TUMO thanks to SOAR funding

Gratitude letters for medicines purchased for Goharik from Kharberd, and Sasha and Satenik from Mari Izmirlyan

Five new computers and computer tables for the newly renovated computer lab at Vardashen and a gratitude letter from the director

July diapers for Nork Orphanage with a gratitude letter

New computers for Javakh

Yelena Suslovich from SOAR Providence visited the orphanages in Armenia. During her visit, she gave the gift of a tablet to a very talented young orphan she met, Aram Arakelian from the SOS Children Villages - Kotayk.

New furniture for Warm Hearth

Renovations for a computer lab at Vardashen

Renovations for a dance room at Vardashen
Completion of the dance room



New "Graduate Rooms" at Mer Hooys thanks to SOAR Philadelphia
Completion of Graduate Room. This gift was huge for the older girls. They are very excited about transitioning to a new level of safe independence!

Defense Day celebration and Sport Games for Gyumri Social Childcare Center

Needed medications for Arman Baloyan at Children's Home Gyumri


Printers/copiers for Warm Hearth


June diapers for Nork Orphanage and a gratitude letter

Defense Day celebration at Kharberd

Items donated by Line and Julieta of SOAR-Copenhagen Chapter

New dressers for the children at Cardinal Aghajanian Orphanage

Pre-renovation pictures of Birds' Nest bedrooms

Defense Day and graduation celebrations at Vanadzor


Defense Day at Mari Izmirlyan

A visit and medicines delivered to Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage, incuding a visit to Lilit, our girl who came to New York earlier this year for surgery to repair her severe scoliosis.

Vardashen Defense Day and graduates farewell dinner

An exceptional event took place on the International Day of Children's Protection in The courtyard of the Holy Cross Church in Akhalkalak, with the blessing and support of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Tsalka vicar general Father Supreme Master Salbiyan. The event was unprecedented not only for its size but also with its ideas. Anti-computer June 1st was organized by the Vicar-General of Javakhk and Tsalka Vicariate. The idea of the event was in line with the headline: "Yard games against computers". The festivities began at Holy Cross Church of Akhalkalak. Pastors of Akhalkalaki and nearby villages: Father Yeghishe Harutyunyan and Dignified senior priest Priest Tatev Marukyan, together with the children, said a prayer to God, asking for a peaceful childhood for all children in the world. Afterwards, Fathers have carried out a blessing ceremony of the children. Then Decent Priest Tatev Maruqyan delivered a speech, congratulating children on their holiday. He wished them a happy and peaceful childhood, a great life, together with parents and teachers, with the greatest virtue of Christ next to them. After the ceremony, the children came out to the church yard. It looked like a big beehive, which gathered several hundred children, where they had a lot of surprises waiting for them. Great joy came upon Holy Cross Church in Akhalkalak. The event was accompanied by children songing and danceing. Throughout the event, the children’s group “Naslet Keyan” performed for the attendees. Anti-computer advertising signs and yard games were places at the church yard. Outdoor games and competitions were organized, and the winners received gifts from Samtskhe-Javakheti and Tsalka General Vicariate. The surprise was even greater when the children were visited by the fairy tale characters with balloons. During the event, the teachers of Akhalkalaki municipality the “Future House” and artist Haykazun Karagulyan painted children’s faces. “Future House” also organized an exhibition, moreover, teaching kids how to make paper butterflies and flowers. The holiday ended with a peace march from Akhalkalaki Youth Center. Children had hand made posters of world peace, doves and balloons. They walked to the Holy Cross Church in Akhalkalaki and received blessing by Priest Tatev Marukyan Decent.


Renovations of computer lab at Birds' Nest Orphanage funded by SOAR Montabello and Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

A new computer lab for Javakh

Art supplies for the girls at Mer Hooys

Diapers for Kharberd with funds donated by Mario Viggiani, SOAR-Phoenix chapter

SOAR-Providence provided funds for a wheelchair for Hamlet at Mari Izmirlyan

A new horse in training for the Hippotherapy Arena at Kharberd Orphanage

Diapers for Nork Orphanage

Vocational training provided to the participants from the Gyumri facilities (OLA, Terchoonian Home, Nansen Boarding School and Gyumri Childcare Center). The courses offered are: hairdressing, table design, cooking, and computer. They are provided by FES House Educational Center in Gyumri. The project is financed by the GIZ Organization within the framework of the grant applied by SOAR Brussels Chapter.

Vocational_training_OLA_SOAR_Brussels Vanadzor_vocational_training cosmetology_classes_Vanadzor  Ijevan_participants_with_GIZ_project Hairdressing_supplies_GIZ_program GIZ_Graduation

SOAR provided the funds for a new washing machine for Nubarashen Orphanage, whose only machine was not working.

Eduard is a child with special needs and received furniture thanks to SOAR. He did not have his own bed and he now says, "Now I have a soft bed to sleep in and to have soft dreams."

Azat from Community Development and Social Support Center, a boy with special needs and a single mother received new furniture.


A new security system for Nubarashen Boarding School

A visit to Shengavit Kindergarten which coincided with a concert. Afterwards the children received presents.


A new water heater for Nubarashen


Diapers for Nork Orphanage. A plaque was presented and a gratitude letter.


Renovations at Kalfayan Orphanage in Istanbul

See slideshow of the progress of the dental suite from the very beginning here!Dental_Suite_Gyumri_Inaugural_Use

SOAR Ventura received and distributed an earmarked generous donation of $10,000 to benefit the children attending Tasghgadzor Summer Camp.

New beds and mattresses for Our Lady of Armenia from Armen Gharabegian and Ethos Design

Easter distribution for Hrant Dink School
Hrant_Dink_School_Easter_distribution_SOAR News_article_Easter_celebration_Istanbul_kindergarten

A distribution of soap boxes to Nansen


Orphaned children throughout Armenia were transported to Echmiadzin for a special Palm Sunday celebration! Easter gifts compliments of
SOAR-La Cañada, SOAR-Phoenix, SOAR-Wisconsin, and SOAR-Detroit.
Palm_Sunday_ Echmiadzin_SOAR_sponosred

Diapers for Kharberd with the gratitude letter on behalf of the director H. Balasanyan for 40(1280) packages of diapers.

A shipment of soap for Community Development and Social Support Center (CDSSC)


Grand Opening of Dental Suite in Gyumri!!

To view progression from beginning to grand opening, and to see video of grand opening, GO HERE.

A $10,000 emergency grant was given to the Syrian Armenian Disaster Relief Fund from the Hilton Foundation for Sisters!

Renovations of four rooms for the food storage area at Nork Orphanage funded by SOAR-Brussels with the funds received from Femme d'Europe Association.

Baby floor sitters donated by SOAR to the Children's Home of Gyumri.


February diapers for Nork Orphanage and a gratitude letter


Money that was donated from Beeline company in Armenia was used for purchase of audio players and mobile phones.

Anahit Arabyan diagnosed with 1st stage diabetes received her needed medications


Bathroom water line renovations at Warm Hearth funded by SOAR-Baltimore

January diapers for Nork Orphanage, supplemented by SOAR-Phoenix