Completion of the elevator at Mari Izmirlyan that began in July funded by SOAR Providence, SOAR Philadelphia Metro, and SOAR Boston

Beginning of renovations of the cafeteria and kitchen at OLA summer camp funded by SOAR Ventura County


The dance room in use at Vardashen that was constructed in 2016


Thanksgiving at Our Lady of Armenia Annie Bezikian Center funded by the SOAR Executive Board

Thanksgiving at Our Lady of Armenia

SOAR Zurich purchased two portable basketball sets and six basketballs for Birds' Nest Orphange.

With funds raised from Zarouhi Chatoyan's Funeral Services back in January, SOAR La Cañada will be supplying funds for the food at Birds' Nest Orphanage for a full year!

Zarouhi Chatoyan

Completion of renovations in four rooms at Gyumri Social Childcare Center that began in August. The renovations were funded by SOAR, The Albert Tamberchi Foundation, Minas and Houri Kalachian, and SOAR New Jersey.


A mini bus funded by SOAR La Cañada, to be shared by Gyumri Social Childcare Center (GSCC) and Community Development and Social Support Center (CDSSC)


Classroom renovations at Nubarashen funded by SOAR and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation
Nubarashen_Classroom renovations

Father Dajad visited the following children's homes: Zatik, Tsiatsan, Zatikavan, Jermik Ankyun, and Kharberd.
He bought bed linens for Zatik and Jermik Ankyun, and 4 washing machines For Zatik, Zatikavan and Tsiatsan. Fahter Dajad also helped the residents of Zatikanan with fuel. Caroline Avetisyan accompanied Father Dajad to Zatikavan, giving assistance to each family and promising to cover their debts for electricity. From Rainbow House gift cards were given to Zatik. Father Dajad also gave financial assitance to Jermik Ankyun. For Kharberd, he left money for materials for handwork and asked that the children make items for an auction in Fresno. Father Dajad also gave funds donated by Fresno members to get firewood for 6 families living in Zatikavan

Linens for Shengavit Kindergarten funded by SOAR La Cañada

Distribution to GSCC children by Father Tajad Ashekian who came to Armenia with Fresno mission. This is the 2nd year that Father Tajad has visited GSCC and other SOAR supported facilities giving presents to the children. The attending doctor also provided consultation to those parents with diabetic issues giving needed supplies.

Completion of renovations of Vardashen kithcen that began in August


Completion of a greenhouse at Dzorak that began in July


Javakh Summer Camp 2017!

A music center for Shengavit Kindergarten


Anna Jehanian giving back to her friends in Armenia by assisting in the next SOAR-Project Cure shipment for September.


SOAR Zurich helped fund summer camp for the children at AEBS

Renovations under way at Gyumri Social Chidcare Center in four rooms:
Room for Psychological Therapy, Social Individual and Group Work Room, Speech Therapy Room, and Children Room
Funded by SOAR, the Albert Tamberchi Foundation, and Minas and Houri Kalachian, and SOAR New Jersey



The Project Cure shipment disbursement to Children's Home Gyumri

Monica and Araik of Zatikanan received the clothing that they needed for school

Soar distributes medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian relief items valued at $270,000.00 to 6 orphanages in Armenia!
Shipment is made possible through the generous donation from Project Cure.

Kharberd and Dzorak received their distributions from the Project Cure shipment!





Renovations of the kitchen at Vardashen under way
Continued progress...
More work and a new refrigerator!
Near completion




Beginning of renovations at Mer Doon funded by SOAR and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

More progress..


Completion of base room...

Beginning of a clay workshop at Kharberd funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
Work in progress...

Continuing work...

The work continues...
Getting close!


Artyom H. has paralysis in the lower part of his body. The first corrective step was to have hip surgery, which included an implant of a metallic joint. Future surgeries on his knee and foot will be needed, but the prognosis is good! Artyom will have a chance to walk with a walker or cane and be independent! The state would not cover the cost of the metallic joint, so SOAR sent out a plea for assistance, which was met immediately!

The operation was completed successfully and Artyom's state of health is stable and normal!

Renovations of the hallway, stairs, and bathroom at Orphanage of Fridtjof Nansen funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

Because of the SOAR project, the stairways have been nicely repaired, for which we are very grateful, Everything looks very nice. The old stairways are completely changed, because we had many cases before of falling down and having injuries. The renovation works are coming to an end, the final result I am sure and you will agree will be wonderful. If we could not get support of SOAR with this issue, perhaps we have to continue another 17 years without any changes. Thank You SOAR!

This is the second section of the building, where the children's rooms are located upstairs. Director Karapetyan said they have chosen bright colors for the kids to make it lighter. Again like in the main building, the corridor, stairways, ceiling have been nicely renovated bwith the SOAR project. We would like to thank again and again Mr. Yacoubian who has been our friend for many years now and welcome guest.

Clothing, diapers, toys, vases for the greenhouse, and a nebulizer for Children's Home Gyumri

The third year of the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund Retreat for girls from Mer Doon and Mer Hooys

View the Power Point Presentation made by the girls of Mer Doon

The children of Orran received a new laptop so they could continue with online English Language and Cultural Discovery courses


Beginning of construction of a greenhouse at Dzorak funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
More work...
Continuing work...
Almost there!


Distribution of the first shipment to Dzorak and Kharberd from SOAR and Project Cure

Pre-renovation of work at Warm Hearth funded by SOAR-La Cañada and SOAR-Wisconsin

Construction of a food storage cottage in Ijevan funded by SOAR and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

The salt cave that was constructed at Mari Izmirlyan Orphange in use
GO HERE to see the benefits of a salt cave

Thanks to SOAR Brussels, 20 participants from Vanadzor Orphanage, Orran Day Care, and Gyumri Social Childcare Center were able to participate in the international Festival of Bard Songs “Sail of Hope 2017” which took place on one of the most beautiful coasts of Lake Sevan.

The children were really excited to meet many well known Armenian Bard Singers including Ruben Hakhverdyan and Armine Hayrapetyan, as well as being showered with attention from the festival organizers. They were able to go swimming in Lake Sevan which was exciting for many of the children who had never been there before.

Preparatory work is under way for elevators at Mari Izmirlyan being funded by SOAR Providence, SOAR Philadelphia Metro, and SOAR Boston
Work is under way!
More Progress!
Getting there...
September 13th progress...
September 28th...



Plaques were placed after completion of the bathrooms at Frijdtof Nansen funded by SOAR Ventura County and SOAR La Cañada

Children of Children's Home Gyumri had an exciting visit with SOAR Boston chapter member Margaret Ajemian Ahnert who is the Author of the book "The Knock At The Door". She is a supporter of the construction of the Green House being constructed there.

Diapers for Nork Orphanage and gratitude letter

A party for the graduates at Vardashen

An update on the Dzorak reunification cottage that was funded by SOAR

A party celebrating June 1st, International Child Protection Day, for the children at Gyumri Social Childcare Center


Diapers for Nork Orphanage and gratitude letter

Hairdressers made a visit to Dzorak Care Center giving the residents there hair care

The children from Gyumri Social Childcare Center were awarded with the 1st place Grand Prize in the "Sports Achievement Competition" for the second year in a row. SOAR provided the participants with new sport footwear and socks so that they would be able to participate in the event.


As part of the Vocational Training supported by SOAR Austria the children from Zadik attend cooking courses at
Ararat Hall Restaurant under the leadership of Sedrak Mamulyan

Pre renovation for a gymnasium at Vardashen funded by SOAR Montreal and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

Renovation work for Kharberd's garden

Art lessons at Zadik

Project Museums for Everyone was organized for the children at Mer Hooys by Rostelecom in collaboration with SOAR

Spring vacation for the girls of Mer Hooys was very special. A tour of the northern region of Armenia was organized though the SOAR Bible Study Program. The main task was to introduce children to national cultural values and create an opportunity to re-evaluate Armenia's spiritual wealth. For four days, the girls visited the Shirak, Lori, Tavush and Gegharkunik regions and visited more than ten Armenian churches.


Diapers for Nork Orphanage and gratitude letter

A SOAR shipment of soap sent to Armenia from Clean the World

For Tashir

For Kharberd

This is where a new garage at Our Lady of Armenia Center is going to be built...funded by SOAR Wisconsin


It was Christmas in July for these children at Kharberd! They received gifts made for them by Gayane Voskanyan.

A new projector and screen for Orran

Dear Hripsime and George,
Thank you so much for the projector and the screen SOAR has purchased for Orran Center in Vanadzor. This will give us the opportunity to conduct the online programs more efficiently and expand their number as the courses are so much needed and important for our children at Orran.
Thanks for all your support provided, Best regards,

A shipment of soap

Diapers for Nork Orphanage and gratitude letter

Beginning of a new greenhouse at Children's Home Gyumri funded by SOAR Boston

Continued work!
Almost there!

Beginning of renovations of the 2nd floor at Our Lady of Armenia Center funded by SOAR Ventura County and SOAR La Cañada

Beginning of bathroom renovation at Frijdtof Nansen funded by SOAR Ventura County and SOAR La Cañada

Under way!

Almost there...


SOAR Fresno chapter members visited bringing 200 packages of gifts for the children


Medications were provided for children at Children's Home Gyumri

Diapers for Nork Orphanage and gratitude letter

Diapers for Mari Izmirlyan thanks to SOAR Phoenix


Diapers for Nork Orphanage and gratitude letter

A new oven for Gyumri Social Childcare Center
New _oven_Gyumri_Social_Childcare_Center_SOAR

Grand opening of the family cottage at Dzorak Care Center
Press Release

On January 25, 2017
The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) participated in a dedication celebration of the "Reunification cottage" for the Dzorak facility. Reunification Cottage Funded by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)-Wisconsin and Seattle Chapters

Being isolated from their biological families it is utmost important for the residents to have their meetings withe their family, relatives in a home like environment. The Cottage is equipped with all necessary accommodation, small kitchen, bathroom, living room and furniture. We hope to achieve similar success in further collaboration.

GO HERE to see progress from the beginning

Diapers for Mari Izmirlyan and a gratitude letter

New wardrobes for Cardinal Aghajanian Orphanage funded by SOAR Baltimore and SOAR Ventura County
New wardrobes_CAO_SOAR_Baltimore

Arrival of the sea container of essential humanitarian supplies to the OLA Center in Gyumri from SOAR La Cañada.
Special thanks to Helen Papazyan and Dr. Marine Papazian for their contributions of new clothing, a container valued at over $140,000!

Diapers were included with the shipment.

The new learning center at Vanadzor in use which was constructed in September 2016