Christmas Parties

Reception for the children by the President of Armenia, Armen Sargsyan

Christmas celebration for all Armenian facilities funded by SOAR Wisconsin, SOAR Chicago, Margaret Yacoubian, Hagop Jerejian, Gilbert Avanes, SOAR Detroit, and SOAR Tennessee.

Part two of the video includes the reception for the children by the President of Armenia, Armen Sargsyan.


Javakh Christmas funded by SOAR National
Dear George Yacoubian,
"Raphayel Javakhk" educational center in the city of Ninotsminda, Georgia, all the teachers, children and pastor Ter Armash Poghosyan express their heartfelt gratitude for Christmas donation to get gifts for 300 children. Your child-centered activities aimed at educating and upbringing Armenian children has always been a subject of our enthusiasm and respect. God will keep you in the interests of rapprochement between Armenia and Diaspora.

Our best wishes to You, Your family and colleagues...
Kind regards
Pastor Ter Armash Poghosyan

AEBS Christmas funded by SOAR National

Gift bags and chocolates for every child for Christmas at the institutions SOAR supports

New heaters for OLA funded by SOAR Ventura County, SOAR La Cañada, and SOAR Phoenix

SOAR ZH supported AEBS in Anjar with athletic and language programs for the 2018/19 school year. English and football are two programs that assisted 22 and 15 children, respectively. These are opportunities for language skills and healthy hobbies that these wonderful children can now enjoy.


New washing machines for Our Lady of Armenia funded by SOAR Wisconsin

New computers for Gyumri Social Childcare Center funded by SOAR and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

On behalf of Gyumri Social Childcare Center we express our special gratitude to the members of our dear Mr. George Yacoubian, to the "The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief", for providing and strengthening the center with new computer equipment.
Thanks to the new computer technologies provided for the center, the work is organized more efficiently. The computer and internet network has been properly set up, A computerized and web-based network has been set up, resulting in time and human resources focusing on child care, development and quality of services which results in saving time helping with directing human resources to the care, development, and quality of our provided services.

Kind Regards,
Laura Petrosyan
GSCC Director

Svetlana's new home!!

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Updates from Gavar and CDSSC...Kids enjoy working with the computers, watching programs about their vocational studies /hairdressing, table design/ developing their practical and theoretical skills. They also participate in SOAR Online programs using the computer lab and computers funded by SOAR. The children at Gavar using the play area and updated outdoor area.


Diapers for Nork Orphanage

Pre-renovation for a wood shop at Kharberd

Shoes, boots,and clothing for the children at Shengavit Kindergarten thanks to a donation made by Tom Hayes

Pre renovation on the 2nd and 3rd floors at Nubarashen funded by SOAR,
The Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation


Continued work...


Diapers for Nork Orphanage

Six new bikes for the children at Nubarashen Orphanage funded by the Albert Tamberchi Foundation
New_Bikes_Nubarashen_Orphanage_Albert _Tamberchi_Foundation

Pre-renovation of the infirmary at OLA Gyumri funded by SOAR London and SOAR San Diego


Pre renovation for a playroom at Nubarashen Orphanage funded by SOAR Ventura County Juniors through donations given to them by Levon-Shant Shirikjian

Renovations near completion! And a visit from Levon-Shant Shirikjian with a party and dancing to show their gratitude!

Seven children from Zatikavan went shopping for school clothing after SOAR received a call that the families were not able to purchase any clothing for their children, and school was starting that week!

The children of Orran received new shoes and they were all excited to wear them to school the next day!

Beginning of repairs at Gavar Orphanage funded by SOAR New York

Asphalting of the yard at Gavar


Diapers for Nork Orphanage

Diapers for CHG

SOAR Philadelphia purchased a much needed new van for Birds' Nest Orphanage.
Below are pictures of the old...and the new van!

GO HERE to see pictures of the 4th annual Gulamerian Retreat!

New air conditioners for Mer Doon funded by SOAR San Francisco Bay


A shipment of new clothes and shoes for Gyumri collected by SOAR Dallas



An excursion for the children of CDSSC

Dear George Yacoubian and Hripsime Muradyan,
We want to say thank you for your support and to let you know about the very interesting and cultural excursion to Marmashen, Hatsik (Tsak Qar) and Yereruyk. The children loved the excursion and thay had a wondeful time. During the excursion they played games which were donated by SOAR as well.
Ani Petrosyan
CDSSC executive director

Diapers for CHG

Diapers for Nork Orphanage


Javakh summer camp, funding from the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to SOAR Charitable Organization, in the person of George Yacoubian, who supported my request on behalf of Father Fr. Armash Poghosyan, spiritual pastor of St. Sargis Church in Ninotsminda, Georgia for 2018.

All the activities of "Aravot Luso" camp, with the head of St. Sargis Church, were organized on a proper level with paternal care and consistency.

The three-week camp implemented training and educational tasks. The teachers worked with great enthusiasm. The children learned songs, dances, recitations, prayers, and participated in group games. Great was the joy and enthusiasm of both children and parents.

The SOAR organization opened a bright page in the minds of all the children gathered under the arches of St. Sargis Church in Ninotsminda.

Once again, thanks and appreciation to all of you, Mr. George Yacoubian in particular as well all the Armenians of the SOAR Charitable Organization, who believed in this good idea and supported us.

With Christian love and spiritual blessing we pray with faithful Armenians under the church's arches to protect and for further prosperity of SOAR Charity Organization. Amen!

Pastor Ter Armash Poghosyan
27 July 2018




A graduation for Hrant Dink

New furniture for Warm Hearth-Arinj from Project Cure!

A dedication ceremony/lunch for the new bedrooms and furniture at Cardinal Aghajanian Orphange, funded by SOAR Salt Lake City in memory of Mardiros Herculian, the father of Salt Lake City's chapter president, Talar Herculian Coursey

Upgraded dental rooms with digital x-rays in Tsaghkadzor camp

The walls at Tsaghkadzor summer camp's cafeteria were painted

Bicylces for the children at Shengavit Kindergarten funded by the Albert Tamberchi Foundation

This is the 3rd year for SOAR to supply sports shoes and socks for the children at GSCC so they could participate in the National Sport Event for care facility institutions. To thank SOAR each year, they bring home a 1st place nomination!

This year was also special as there were no transportation difficulties because they were able to use their new van that had been funded by SOAR La Cañada last year!


Diapers for Nork Orphanage

Diapers for Childrens' Home Gyumri

Gary Grigoryan, SOAR Providence Chapter President, visited Orran, met the Mkrtchyan sisters, bringing them much needed clothing. They went shopping with the children, buying them boots and shoes as well as clothing for the other Orran children! They then visited the Mkrchyan sisters' current place of living to determine the best solution for their future living situation.

Opening ceremony of the new gymnasium, kitchen, and dance room at Vardashen

Lynn Kanayan made a visit bringing clothes, gifts, and a donation for the children of Kharberd and an SCOH family.

A June 1st celebration for Kharberd and a gratitude letter


I Can, Sports Without Limits was funded, by SOAR National, SOAR Chicago, SOAR Wisconsin, and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund

The participants of "I Can" practicing for the upcoming event which is being funded by SOAR National, SOAR Chicago, SOAR Wisconsin, and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund.

Trainings on "I CAN" event are under way ... 150 children from all over Armenia from orphanages and care institutions are involved in the project....

The children in preparation for their events

Completion of the gymnasium at Vardashen that began last April. It was funded by SOAR Montreal, the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

9th grade graduation celebration at Vardashen and a gratitude letter

Diapers for Nork Orphanage

Diapers for Children's Home Gyumri

Dear George Yacoubian,
Children Home of Gyumri SNCO the director and residential kids are grateful to SOAR for donation of 38 boxes (1684unit) of diapers and for your humanitarian attitude...
Director A.Gevorgyan

The children from CDSSC were able to go on an excursion thanks to the funding of a van by SOAR La Cañada


Gas installation at Mer Hooys funded by SOAR Philadelphia

Completion of renovations of three bathrooms at Nubarashen that began last December, one funded by SOAR London, one by SOAR Baltimore and SOAR Washington DC, and one funded by SOAR Los Angeles

Completion of the kitchen/cafeteria at Our Lady of Armenia Summer Camp that began in December of 2017, funded by SOAR Ventura County

Renovations under way in five rooms at Kharberd and new furniture for the pottery room funded by SOAR Boston

Work continues...

Continuing work...


Diapers for Children's Home Gyumri

SOAR paid for the legal fees to start two proceedings for these brothers, Karen and Suren Darakchyan, in which their rights as legal heirs were violated. One lawsuit over their mother's home has been won and the next proceeding for their rights on their father's property will soon begin.


Shoes for Shengavit Kindergarten funded by SOAR La Cañada

SOAR Zurich helped to fund Saturday classes for English improvement at AEBS

Coninuing work on the gymnasium ar Vardashen that began in 2017 funded by SOAR Montreal, The Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund, and The Albert Tamberchi Foundation

A new computer lab for Community Development and Social Suport Center funded by SOAR New York


Underwear, socks, and pajamas for Nansen kids from SOAR Moscow chapter

Two professional blenders for Children's Home Gyumri funded by SOAR La Cañada

Shoes for the children at Our Lady of Armenia Educational Center funded by SOAR National

Go HERE to see the article on the ribbon cutting at Dzorak for the new greenhouse!


Two new washer/dryer combos for Gavar funded by SOAR National



Plaques were placed on the food storage building at Idjevan that were contructed last year funded by SOAR and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Fund

The greenhouse at Dzorak in bloom
and the salt cave at Mari Izmirlyan in use.

A successful business is being developed at Dzorak involving their residents with special needs and capable of working.

The salt cave at Mari Izmirlyan has many theraputic benefits. GO HERE to learn more.

A huge distribution of toys by SOAR through Project Cure!


The elevator at Mari Izmirlyan in use that was completed in December of 2017, funded by SOAR Providence, SOAR Philadelphia, and SOAR Boston

A huge shipment of medical and dental equipment and supplies through Project Cure!

Diapers for Nork and Mari Izmirlyan Orphanages and gratitude letters

The greenhouse that was constructed at Dzorak last year in use.
A floral business is being developed involving the residents of Dzorak with special needs and capable of working.

Winter coats, warm blankets, a kitchen stove, and still coming, socks and underwear for the children at Orphanage of Fridtjof Nansen funded by SOAR Moscow

Pre-renovation of three bathrooms at Nubarashen

One funded by SOAR London, one by SOAR Baltimore and SOAR Washington DC, and one funded by SOAR Los Angeles


Continued work...

A gratitude letter thanking for the payment of electricity through the winter months at Zatikavan funded by SOAR Fresno