SOAR - Dublin Chapter

Dublin joined the SOAR family in July 2015. A small Armenian community exists in Ireland, with a majority of Irish Armenians living in Dublin. While the exact number of Armenians in Ireland is unknown, estimates range from 150 to 350 individuals who identify themselves as being of Armenian descent. Most Irish Armenians belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church, while the rest identify as Armenian Catholics. The Armenian community has established a Sunday School and registered the Armenian Apostolic Church in Ireland.

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Board of Directors:

Sevak Khachatryan

Sevak Khachatryan graduated from Dublin City University, where he studied Contemporary Culture and Society. From May 2012 to present Sevak is coordinating NCP (New Communities Partnership) Youth Ireland, which is a youth organizations network within NCP. Whilst at NCP, Sevak piloted and developed a number of projects aimed at building capacities of migrant youth living in Ireland. Sevak is responsible for planning, networking, organizing and developing a 12-month calendar of cultural events, conferences, meetings, seminars, trainings, PR and fundraising activities. In April 2014, at the SIRIUS 5th General Meeting in Barcelona, Sevak was elected as National Coordinator for the network in Ireland. SIRIUS is a European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background. Sevak is also very actively involved in the community in Ireland such as member of the YPAR (Young People At Risk) working group and board member of The Platform. Previously Sevak was also involved in Armenian, Norwegian and Irish Rec Cross Society.

Mikael Voskerchyan

Mikael was born in Moscow and after finishing secondary school there he went to Middlebury College in the U.S. to get his Bachelor's Degree. After earning his degree, he moved to Dublin to start his first full-time job. During his university years, he had been involved in the leadership of several student organizations. Mikael also interned at a charity fund "Perspektiva" in Moscow. As a vice-president, he hopes to use his leadership and teamwork skills to shape the Dublin Chapter of SOAR and help the Armenian children in need.

Talar Isak

Talar is a Lebanese Armenian, born in Iraq. She studied Electrical and Computer engineering in the American University of Beirut, and then earned her Master's in Management and Strategy at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Currently, Talar is a Search Quality Strategist at Google Ireland. She loves cooking, traveling, dancing, sketching and movies in her free time.

Asia Kolaian

Asia is of Armenian origins. In 2000 she moved to Ireland, going on to graduate from the National College of Arts and Designs with a Higher Diploma in Arts. Asia was involved with several charitable organizations like BlueFire, Block C, and North West Inner City Networks. In 2012 Asia started her first charitable organization, "Dublin Multicultural Centre", which was both successful and challenging. She is now looking forward to bringing her skills and experiences into the SOAR-Dublin Chapter.