Eye Care Fund

The Eye Care Fund began in February 2015 to address the diagnosis and treatment of children with serious vision problems. According to Prevent Blindness America, one in four school-aged children have vision problems that, if left untreated, can affect learning ability, personality and adjustment in school. Most eye diseases can be effectively treated. Because these conditions often do not manifest symptoms in early stages, however, children are unaware of the disease until it progresses to a more advanced stage.

Children undergo initial screening by ophthalmologists. Exams include a case history, vision testing, eye health evaluation, determination of treatment plan, and routine follow-up appointments. Children with vision problems are treated accordingly.

September 2018

140 children from GSCC and Nansen received eye care screenings thanks to the Connecticut Lions Eye Research Foundation. Those who had problems were referred for medical examinations and Mkrtich from the foundation provided glasses that can be used after having prescriptions by eye doctor.

August 2017

Two children from Gavar Orphanage received eye examinations, receiving needed eyedrops, contact lenses, and glasses.


October 2015

Three more children from Gyumri Social Childcare Center received eyeglasses

Children from Gyumri Social Childcare Center who received eye glasses through the SOAR eye-care fund

Four more children received eye examinations

September 2015

Five children from Gyumri Social Childcare Center received eye examinations

Hakob was able to receive treatment through the Eye Care Fund

July 2015

13 children from Mari Izmirlyan received eye examinations, 8 receiving needed glasses, and 4 receiving needed eye drops thanks to the SOAR Eye Care Project

May 2015

Children from Mari Izmirlyan receiving eye exams and glasses


The new portable eye lamp in action


A portable lamp purchased for eye examinations

The kids from Mari Izmirlyan at the Shengavit Medical Center for eye exams and choosing their glasses.


April 2015

Children receiving assistance thanks to the SOAR Eye Care Project