Global Hosting Program

Many children from Armenia will never have the chance to experience life outside their own world. The cost alone is simply prohibitive. SOAR-Fresno established the Global Hosting Program (GHP) in October 2015 to provide temporary relief for children coming from disadvantaged families in Armenia. The Program is a one- to two-week program that gives children a wonderful opportunity to live with a host family in other areas of the world. The Program allows children who lack consistent shelter, are malnourished, are orphaned, or are neglected by their parents to enjoy a variety of fun activities and experiences that will enrich their lives. More importantly, the experience will forever connect two families that come from different parts of the world.

In 2018 the SOAR Global Hosting Program goes to Malta

July 2018

The children and their chaperone received their visa from the Embassy of Bulgaria and are looking very forward to their coming trip.

The trip to Malta!

In 2017 the SOAR Global Hosting Program goes to Malaysia

This year SOAR Southeast Asia is hosting "Armenian Afternoon Tea" event with an agreement with the Russian Center of Culture and Science in Malaysia.
It will take place in July 2017.

The event aims to raise awareness about Armenia and it's cultural history. The second part is dedicated to the activities of SOAR in Armenia and the OLA girls are invited to participate as the representatives.

Six girls from The Our Lady of Armenia Boghossian Educational Center will be participating; Gayane Antonyan , Emma Jotyan, Taguhi Matevosyan, Anna Nikoghosyan, Anahit Sargsyan, and Arpine Sargsyan.

July 2017

A video of the trip to Malaysia!

Armenian Afternoon Tea

March 2017

Last year four children from Armenian orphanages with their chaperon were welcomed by the Armenian Consulate of Fresno by honorary consul Berj Apkarian and Armenian consulate members. This was all thanks to SOAR's “Global Hosting Program” managed by SOAR-Fresno chapter president, Lucy Erysian.

The consul was impressed by the visit and wanted to continue the collaboration. Due to the efforts of Fresno “Surb Errordutyun”church led by Father Tachat and the Armenian community, the consul initiated a humanitarian project for some of the SOAR supported facility children.

During his visit to Armenia in March 2017, Berj Apkarian and those accompanying him, brought gifts for the children of SOS Ijevan village, Gyumri Child Care Center, Gyumri Children's Home, and Our Lady of Armenia Center. Deeply touched by the enthusiastic welcome of the children the consul added. “Words are unable to describe our feelings at the moment. You are keeping the hope of the diaspora of Armenians alive”.

Thank YOU Berj Apkarian and all those involved…

In 2016 the SOAR Global Hosting Program had children coming to the US

By participating in a summer camp, hosted by Camp Hye Sierra, these young individuals were exposed to new and exciting activities, along with the attention of so many in the United States who want to share their love. The children met and become friends with Armenian children of the same age living in the Diaspora. This will facilitate their cross-cultural development and enhance their desire to become successful members of society. Camp Hye Sierra, serving Armenian youth since 1987, is operated by the Armenian Church Western Diocese and offers a 160 acre property in Dunlap, California. The camp hosted children from Armenia for one week.

Other activities during the remaining two weeks included:

  • A trip to the Disneyland with one night stay in a hotel in Anaheim, CA;
  • A reception to welcome the children by the Honorary Counsel of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Berj Apkarian;
  • A trip to Fresno Chaffee Zoo;
  • A day at Clovis Aqua Park;
  • A trip to Shaver Lake; and,
  • Shopping and other local excursions with local volunteers.

Summer 2016


See all the activities from this summer below!

Hello everyone,
I am excited to announce that the Global Hosting Program Participants have just received their US Visas!!!!!!!!
We are going to have a great summer together!
Lucy Erysian, SOAR Fresno Chapter President

Look who is coming to California for 3 weeks of fun!!!!!!

Global Hosting fun!!

Teppanyaki Night

See a video about their visit to Fresno on "Your Central Valley" here!

A trip to Disney, plus many other amazing experiences. A huge thank you to all that made this possible!