SOAR - Krakow Chapter

Krakow joined the SOAR family in May 2018. Armenians in Poland have an important presence going back to the 14th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 6,000 Armenians in Poland, living mostly in what is today Western Ukraine, with centers in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Berezhany, Lysets, Tlumach, and Snityn. Polish-Armenians were an integral part of the movement to restore Poland’s independence after the First World War. After suffering heavy losses in the Second World War, the Polish Armenian community suffered a second loss. The regions of Poland where Armenians were concentrated, like Eastern Galicia, were annexed into the Soviet Union at the Yalta Conference. As a result, the Polish Armenian community became dispersed across Poland. Many resettled in Krakow, Gliwice, Opole, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, and Warsaw. To combat this dispersion, Armenians began to form cultural associations. Additionally, the Armenian Catholic Church opened two parishes, in Gdansk and Gliwice. There are approximately 5,000 Armenians living in Poland today.

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Board of Directors:

Roza Poghossian

Roza moved to Cracow September 2017 and joined the Federal Express Team to start her professional journey. She is fluent in English, French, Russian and Armenian. Roza obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Yerevan State University, then pursued her Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering at the American State University. Along with studies, she was part of a youth run organization, AIESEC, where Roza had the main responsibility for outgoing professional exchanges and occasionally was in charge of hosting projects with different content in Armenia. Cultural discoveries, communication with youth, and non-formal education are her passion. By joining SOAR, she hopes to have a fruitful impact and create a better tomorrow.