Language Tutoring Program

Established in May 2014, SOAR’s Language Tutoring Program (LTP) instructs orphaned Armenian children in a variety of foreign languages. The purpose of the LTP is to enhance the foreign language skills of orphaned Armenian children by creating a forum whereby the children can be tutored in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian by SOAR volunteers around the world.

February 2018

One of the six online English classes organized by SOAR Helsinki Chapter for the children at Orran

June 2017

Children from Tashir Educational Center participating in the SOAR Language Tutoring Program. They are anxious to continue in September!

Children at Nansen participating in the Language Tutoring Program, January 2017

The Language Tutoring Program in action

SOAR-Cairo chapter president, Brigitte Bohgalian-Kalinian, visited students, Arpy and Liana, that she tutors through the SOAR Language Tutoring Program.