New Jersey Juniors

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SOAR-New Jersey Juniors was esablished in June 2014. Adult advisor for New Jersey Juniors is Paula Atakhanian

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Adult Advisor:

Paula Atakhanian

Junior Officers

Shant Keshishian

Shant Keshishian is currently a sophomore at the Academies at Englewood in the Engineering Academy. Some of his school activities include Select Vocal Ensemble, Co-founding his school’s Chemical Reactions Club, Varsity Tennis, and volunteering in the Midnight Run Club. His passion for learning and challenging himself has driven him to take Summer Program courses with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, to be a part of the New Jersey All-State Chorus, and to participate in the USA Memory Championship. Being active in the Armenian community is very important to him. Therefore, Shant is on the Executive Board of the AYF New Jersey Junior Chapter, and he is in Hamazkayin’s Nayiri Dance Ensemble.

Zaven Atakhanian
Vice President

Zaven attends PVHS. He has performed at venues with NJ Hamazgayin for many years. He is involved with his church’s youth group - AEYF. He is an avid basketball player, his team the St. Vartanantz Basketball League were undefeated Champions in 2016 for the ACSA. His Hometnetmen NJ Chapter team has won gold and silver medals at the Navasartian Olymipic Games in both basketball and soccer. He is a proud member of the AYF and is a student of Siamanto Academy. He won the AMAA High School level essay writing contest for “My Invincible Team” in 2018. He has been actively involved with SOAR NJ Junior Chapter from its inception. He has compassion and a strong desire to improve and brighten the lives of our children.

Nicole Basmadjian

Nicole started attending Hawthorne Christian Academy in the fall, not only receiving her academic formation but also growing spiritually as a Christian. She is on the Varsity Soccer team as well as on the Varsity Track team. She graduated from Hovnanian School in 2016, where she was involved in the school’s government, representing the students as their Vice President. She traveled to Armenia with her classmates, living very enriching experiences such as visiting Kupelyan School. She had the opportunity to interact with Armenian children and plant a tree with them. Nicole is a member of the Armenian Presbyterian Church Youth Group in Paramus.

Taline Janikian

Taline will be a freshman at Nutley High School and is involved with her school's student government. She is a senior member of the Shushi Dance Ensemble, a member of St. Leon's Basketball team and a graduate of the Nareg Armenian School. Taline plans on pursuing a career as a Veterinarian.

Natalya Atakhanian
Public Relations

Natalya is a freshman at PVHS. She graduated as Salutatorian and VP of the Student Government at Hovnanian School. She has a passion for dance and music since she was 4 years old, learning ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and Armenian dance. She spends her downtime practicing the piano and guitar. She performs at various venues with the NJ Hamazkayin Nayiri Dance Ensemble and with AEDE at Bergen Academies. She is involved in her church's youth group AEYF and is also a member of AYF. She is proud of her heritage and is very involved in her community. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Victoria Basmadjian
Creative Advisor

Victoria is currently in the 8th grade at Hovnanian School. She speaks English, Armenian, and Spanish fluently. When she was young, she took ballet, jazz, and hip hop classes as well as Armenian dance at both Shushi and Akhtamar, and is now attending NJ Hamazkayin Dance Ensemble. She also participates in her group AEYF. Victoria will be going to Armenia this May, with her classmates, for the 100th anniversary of Armenia's first Independence Day. She will also be going to volunteer as a chef at a local organization to help provide meals for those in need. She is currently visiting many different high schools to determine where she will continue her education.

Alina Keshishian
Tween Advisor

Alina Keshishian is currently in the 6th grade at Hovnanian School. She keeps her culture alive through her Armenian Song and Dance. Therefore, she has been participating in the Hamazkayin Arekag Choir and Nayri Dance Ensemble since she was 5 years old. She learns about her Armenian heritage through her school and from being a member of the Armenian Youth Federation. Alina enjoys playing sports like basketball, soccer, and skiing. She loves to be creative and to interact with younger kids.

Junior Members

Knar Alashaian

Olivia Arslanian

Ani Arzoumanian

Anabelle Atakhanian

Nicolette Atakhanian

Juliet Ezgilioglu

Arda Hajjar

Gregory Nargizian

Jiro Papazian

Andrew Wallace

Alex Devian

Alina Devian

Victoria Devian

Christiane Ezgilioglu

Grace Ezgilioglu

Nshan Atakhanian

Taleen Atakhanian

Gabriel Basmadjian