Oxbridge (spanning Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom) became part of the SOAR family in August 2014. The first Armenian community in Britain was formed in Manchester in the 19th century. Comprised of textile traders, small manufacturers and retailers, the first Armenian Church was opened in 1870. The Armenian population in Great Britain is approximately 18,000, living primarily in London and Manchester. There is a growing Armenian population in Oxford and Cambridge.

The Cambridge University Armenian Society [CUARMS] promotes Armenian culture and Armenian Language in Cambridge, assists students of Armenian origin in pursuing their academic and professional endeavours at the University of Cambridge, creates social network for students of Armenian origin and for those with connections or interest in Armenia, and facilitates interaction and dialogue between members of the university who are interested in Armenia. The Oxford Armenian Society at the University of Oxford cultivates an understanding and appreciation of Armenian culture, heritage and history through cultural, educational, and social activities.

SOAR-Oxbridge oversees the Financial Planning Program

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Board of Directors:

Tatevik Muradyan

Tatevik was born in Yerevan and graduated from the Yerevan State University Department of Applied Mathematics with an Honor Bachelor Diploma. Parallel to studies for a Master degree at the same department, she studied for Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the American University of Armenia.

In the second year of postgraduate education she started her career in the newly developing Armenian insurance industry taking on various roles at a local insurance and reinsurance broking company. In 2009, Tatevik took a six-month break to join an advanced professional training program at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA.

Back in Armenia, she continued her professional experience in the gradually developing insurance industry heading corporate underwriting departments at leading market players.

In 2013, Tatevik decided to join the working group of establishment of the Export Insurance Agency of Armenia ICJSC as a team leader and subsequently took on the role of the CEO of the Company. This is a new state initiative aimed at promotion of the Armenian export by offering enhanced insurance and financing tools to the Armenian SME exporters.

In 2014, Tatevik was admitted to the Master of Finance Program at the Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge, UK.

Anahit Soghoyan

Anahit was born in Gyumri, but because of the devastating earthquake there, her family moved to a small village, called Arevik, where she started her elementary school.

In 2000 they relocated to Gyumri again, where she studied for a year. Later on, Anahit continued her education at the college “Photon”, from which she graduated in 2005. During her years of study, she participated in different Olympiads, winning many awards.

In 2005, Anahit entered Yerevan State University, Faculty of Economics. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and in 2010 undertook work at the Central Bank of Armenia as an economist-statistician, working there until September 2015. While working at the Central Bank, Anahit took part in different courses and was responsible for representing the Armenian experience. This opportunity gave her a chance to meet many colleagues from other countries, share ideas,and enhance her professional knowledge.

Anahit lives on the principle that knowledge is power and the road to success lies through education. Hence, she decided to continue her education and applied for the Master of Finance program at the University of Cambridge, where she is currently studying.