SOAR - Portland (OR) Chapter

Portland became part of the SOAR family in August 2013, joining SOAR-Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Meeting an Armenian in Portland is not a common occurrence, with approximately 300 Armenians families residing in and around the city. Most Armenians in Portland are second, third and fourth generation Armenian-Americans, while others come from Armenia and various other countries
of the Armenian Diaspora.

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Board of Directors:

Gregory Petrossian

Gregory (Greg) Petrossian is a Portland, OR native. In his youth he was a student of the Armenian Community of Oregon and a member of St. Kevork’s Armenian Apostolic Church of Oregon. After he visited Armenia for the first time in 2006, he vowed to find an opportunity in the states to help orphaned kids like the ones he met in Karabakh. After all these years searching for such an opportunity, he was ecstatic to serve as a member of SOAR beginning in 2015.

Greg earned his B.S. degrees in Microbiology and Bioresource Research, as well as a B.A. in International Studies from Oregon State University. He then moved to Baltimore, MD to earn his M.S. in Healthcare Management from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

After a few years on the east coast Greg moved back to Portland in 2017 to join CSG Pro, a Portland-centric data solution consulting firm, to further develop their managed services and consulting practice. His current title is Business Transformation Consultant.

Naira Ayvazyan

Born and raised in Armenia, Naira was granted political asylum in the United States at the age of sixteen. She received her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University and moved to Manhattan to pursue her dreams in design, specifically related to technology. She has an extensive background in finance, small business consulting, and design. She’s a knowledge seeker who is fascinated by science and the latest technology, as well as medical advancements. She loves to assert her creativeness through her hobbies such as building, cooking, design, and painting. Her creative yet business-driven background naturally let her to pursue product management where she’s become an expert at solving company-wide problems through technology solutions. She is currently the Director of Product at Exteros Inc. where Artificial Intelligence meets Computer Vision. She also does freelance software implementation, automation, as well as digital product advancement for small businesses as well as large corporations.

Breeanna Guardado

Breeanna Guardado (Bree) is an Affordable Housing Compliance Specialist in Portland, Oregon. She has years of experience managing a large portfolio spreading across Oregon and Washington, overseeing 1,500+ units. Bree manages compliance for properties of different federal and state funding programs. She has experience working closely with Portland’s most vulnerable populations, consisting of homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse. Bree is eager to use her compassion for people and communication skills for the SOAR foundation.