Prague joined the SOAR family in May 2015. Unlike Armenian communities throughout eastern and central Europe, the Armenian community of the Czech Republic is made up entirely of recent immigrants, as there are no previous history of Armenian communities in the region. Most came to the region after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, while others fled poor economic conditions in Armenia. The Armenian Community in the Czech Republic is still growing, as signified with the opening of an Armenian Saturday school in Prague in 1996, the establishment of an Armenian Cultural Center, and the later establishment of the Օրեր magazine (1999). The current Armenian population is unofficially estimated as being around 12,000.

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Board of Directors:

Kristina Grigorian

The creative and model, Kristina holds an American Master ’s Degree in Professional and Business Communication. She has since been a guiding force in the lifestyle and fashion industry, a multitasking all-arounder, advising across a plethora of elements, such as advertising campaigns, marketing and social media.

Whether pictured walking down the catwalk or working on projects, Kristina comes with serious business nous, brought on board by various fashion brands as a sought-after consultant, muse, long-time confidante and collaborator, to make decisions that shape the aesthetics of collections and overall business strategy.

Meanwhile, the Yalta born versatile is providing inspiration to the younger designers and agencies, guiding them through the growing challenges of their businesses.

Lusine Yeremyan

Born in Armenia, Lusine has had a complex and challenging live journey. As a teenager she moved to the United States of America where she attended thr university and landed her first job. Lusine lived in the U.S. most of her life before relocating to Prague in the spring of 2016. She has 15+ years of work experience in management in top telecommunications companies in the U.S. In her early twenties she managed a team of 25 union technicians responsible for telecom hardware and software installations in 5 cities in Massachusetts. Most recently she was a Program Manager managing multi-million dollar new technology telecom infrastructure deployments in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Lusine holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Radiation Biology. One of Lusine’s passions in life is to find ways to motivate, inspire and influence children.

Hripsime Abelyan

Hripsime was born in Armenia, in Ashtarak in 1988. In 2003 she moved to Yerevan, finishing school in 2005 and starting her studies at Armenian State University of Economics, majoring in economic cybernetics. Unfortunately, Hripsime didn't graduate from ASUE, needing to move to Prague with her family in 2008. In 2010 she entered the branch of International Slavonic University in Prague, majoring in production management and graduating in 2013 with her Bachelor Degree. As soon as they moved to Prague, Hripsime started working in a jewelry and luxury shop in the center of Prague as a sales assistant, later becoming the manager of the store, and for many years she was the head of organization, management, and finance of the store. She is now the key account manager in a company, that is a worldwide distributor and wholesaler of mobile phones.

Hripsime is a big lover of animals, especially dogs, being a member of "Dingo team" in Armenia, who rescue street dogs and cats. She has a golden retriever herself. I will be glad to be part of SOAR team and help at least somehow our Armenian children in need.

Geghetsik Afunts

Geghetsik recently moved to Prague and started her PhD studies in Economics at CERGE-EI to improve her economic knowledge and work in academia. She has been a Teaching Assistant of the Econometrics and Time Series courses at CERGE-EI since January 2016. Following her natural desire to contribute to charity and to a brighter future of Armenian orphans Geghetsik has also been a Board of Directors member of the Prague branch of The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief since 2015.

Additionally, Geghetsik has more than 3 years of experience in news media improving her skills as an announcer and journalist, mostly communication, flexibility, presentation and analyzing skills. She started her professional work experience at Armnews TV company as a broadcast journalist and an announcer of the Business News. Later she also became the coordinator and announcer of Business Interview, which was analyzing important economic issues of the Armenian and international economy and received several diplomas for professional work. Now Geghetsik has research interests in political economics, labor economies, time series and econometric analyses of macroeconomic policies and forecasting.