Professional Orientation Program

The Professional Orientation Program (POP) is designed to prepare students for today's competitive and evolving job market. The program is strategically designed to identify each student’s current knowledge of the job market and to acquire critical skills which will equip them with the confidence needed to achieve future career success.

This interactive program is divided into 7 primary components which will begin with a self-reflective assessment. The assessment will be used as a building tool for both student and teacher as the foundation to track progress and encourage students to continuously utilize and revisit the assessment throughout their education as well as their ongoing career and personal development. The POP is overseen by SOAR-Marseille and SOAR-New Orleans.

  • Resume building
  • Interviewing skills
  • Interview attire
  • Knowing the prospective employers
  • Researching potential employers
  • International job and internship opportunities
  • Public speaking

June 2017

Children participated in the Professional Orientation Program visiting the Arcolad Chocolate Factory. The children were introduced to the Director of the company, who himself told about their production. The children have learned the recipes and secrets of the production of chocolateand were taught how to correctly assess the quality of chocolate. During the meeting, the director described the qualities of an employee that are in demand on the labor market today.