Syrian Armenian Disaster Relief

Below are the highlights of the distributions SOAR has sent for assistance for the Syrian Armenian Disaster Relief effort.

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SOAR has distributed over $500,000 of Disaster Relief to the Syrian Armenian orphanages, children and families in Aleppo (Syria) and Syrian Armenian Refugees in Yerevan (Armenia) since 2014-present.
The contributions have been:

  1. SOAR Wisconsin chapter $21,000 in 2015 and $35,000 in 2014 to the orphanages in Aleppo.
  2. SOAR La Canada chapter $12,000 to the orphanages in Aleppo.
  3. SOAR Ventura County chapter distributed $8,000 since 2014.
  4. La Cañada shipped meds valued at $10,000 in October to the Center in Yerevan
  5. A large shipment of Project Cure Humanitarian Disaster Relief of medications and medical supplies coordinated by SOAR national and Kohar Mardirossian Pelter valued at $450,000 the Syrian Armenian Relief Center in Yerevan.

  6. project_cure_syrian_diisaster_relief_SOAR
  7. A $10,000 emergency grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters.
  8. A second $10,000 emergency grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters.

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Letters from Sister Louisa

April 28, 2016
Hello everyone Please pray for us in Aleppo.
Aleppo is going through a very difficult time. Rockets and artillery especially are all over and around us. Only a miracle can help us. Ask others also to pray for us.

Sister Louisa

February 17, 2016
Dear George I was planning on coming to Lebanon but the constant fighting in Nor Kough is making it impossible to leave Aleppo. Also, last week while helping an elderly person carrying a bucket of water, I hurt my back and according to the doctor I need to be careful. I am sure you are watching the news and know that for the last two weeks Aleppo and the surrounding areas are fighting against the rebels and all we hear is the horrible sounds of rockets and bullets and see the falling buildings. I will attach a few pictures for you to see they are all in walking distance from where I live. Pray for our safety please.
Sister Louisa

February 15, 2016
This is what we woke up to this morning...One block away from where I live in Meydan Nor Kugh.
Sister Louisa


February 5, 2016

Dear Serpazan,
Many thanks for your help I received the funds that were sent to my orphans. Also my thanks to all SOAR members for their help in these tough times. I already contacted the people in charge and gave them their share of the funds. Many thanks to all who arranged this project and all who participated in the fundraising. May the Lord reward each and everyone of you according to your needs.

As you know the last 4 and half months we had no electricity, the last 15 days no water and if you find fuel to heat the house you are lucky. Thank God the last 10 days we were able to buy fuel and we're able to heat the Convent as well as the school. I spoke with the other two orphanages they did the same. Now we are looking for more fuel since the weather is very cold. Can you imagine I am wearing three sweaters on top of each other and on top of that I am wearing the coat? Again thank God that we are able to survive this terrible time. Each time I put in front of my eyes the soldiers who are in the open air who are fighting to save us I feel ashamed of complaining.

I am well as well as the orphans. We need your support and prayers.
Sister Louisa