Special Announcements

December 2017

September 2017

Yes OO Tu//You and Me

Three young girls, Lena Bardakjian, Kristina Chevian, and Ariana Megerian being supervised by Tanya Bardakjian, created a pilot program established to promote a sense of individuality in Armenian youth.

GO HERE to learn all about this amazing endeavour!

May 2017

SOAR announces the opening of
Lili's Bed and Breakfast
in Yerevan
Visit the website for more information or to make a reservation!

May 2017

SOAR announces the roll out of our new REACH sponsorship platform!
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March 2017

We are proud to announce that SOAR has now been vetted by Project Cure and we have received their seal of approval!

We are thrilled to announce that SOAR received a $20,000 grant for the sisters in Aleppo and Damascus from the Hilton Funds for Sisters in Syria!

The grant acknowledges the sisters' efforts to reach out and help all Armenians and especially Armenians in the dire conditions of the war in Syria.

We will continue our efforts to find grants that help other congregations and the Armenian people of Syria.

December 2016

Global Giving has just awarded SOAR a major Seal of Approval. This badge allows us to share with the world that our organization has been vetted by GlobalGiving and was actively engaged in our community in 2016. We hope that publicly sharing our badge will help our organization continue to gain the recognition that we deserve as a trusted partner and change-maker in the world.

SOAR and Project Cure Update!

September 2016

Kohar Mardirossian Pelter announced that SOAR received and distributed a large shipment of medical equipment, supplies and rehab equipment including very specialized handicap wheelchairs, special needs beds and mattresses to 4 orphanages (Kharpert, Nork, OLA, and Mari Izmirlyan) in Armenia and Gyumri. It also distributed over 130 pairs of clogs to the Syrian Armenian Center in Yerevan. The entire shipment is valued at $300,000! SOAR is expecting to ship another large shipment of medical and humanitarian aid early next year.

SOAR, in collaboration with Project Cure, has already sent shipments valued at over $500,000!

***To view the new shipment CLICK HERE***

More announcements...

Our own Mother Arousiag of Our Lady of Armenia Center (OLA) in Gyumri has been called the "Mother Teresa of Armenia". View the article HERE.

Syrian Armenian Disaster Relief Updates and Distributions in Syria and Yerevan

October 9, 2016
Dear George,
Many thanks for asking about me. Yes, things are worse than you can imagine. On Friday, ten days ago things were so bad that the parents came and took their children, the 250 students in less than half an hour. Thank God all went home safe and sound. In the afternoon the bombing and fighting were so bad that we, the two sisters had to leave our convent and take refuge with our sisters in Azizie. All Armenian schools as well as several of public schools within the fighting section of NorKugh decided to close the schools all last week because of the severe bombing and mortars. Many Armenians living in NorKugh lost their lives in this attack many of them are young. We stay with our sisters in Azizie at night but we were in our school during the day. God was and is our refuge. Today, Sunday the ninth of October, we came back to our Zvartnotz school in the hope of having school tomorrow Monday. Please pray for the safety of our students. Yes, we don't have mother general for the time being, we hope to have elections around Christmas vacation. George, I don't need mother general to ask me to leave I am staying here with all my will. My stay here in this country especially in Aleppo is an encouragement to our students parents and a witness to people especially our Armenians people. All I need is your constant prayers so the almighty Lord will shower his mercy and peace upon this country especially Aleppo. Our hopes are high that one day things are going to be better than the last six years. Dear George, again thank you for asking about me and our people I hope next time I will be able to give you better news. Say hello to all who ask about me.
May the Lord keep you safe and in good health.
Sister Louisa

June 3, 2016
Yesterday around six pm a big rocket hit the school and the convent and both places are severely damaged. Thank God we were not home we were in church when this happened. On our way back home a big propane tank thrown by the rebels exploded in front of the car that we were riding and by a heavenly intervention none of us in the car was hurt I almost were thrown from the car... Now we have to fix all damaged places. We are emotionally and physically very tired and exhausted.
Keep praying.

Sister Louisa

Kohar Mardirossian Pelter, SOAR Grant and Corporate Funding Director, announced that Hilton Foundation for Sisters has donated ANOTHER $10,000, now totaling $20,000 since January 2016, in Emergency Grant funds as a humanitarian relief for Sr. Louisa in Aleppo, Syria.

SOAR has distributed over $500,000 of Disaster Relief to the Syrian Armenian orphanages, children and families in Aleppo (Syria) and Syrian Armenian Refugees in Yerevan (Armenia)
since 2014-present.

Go here for a complete list of distributions

As conditions in Artsakh remain unstable, SOAR remains committed to assisting the two Armenian orphanages in Stepanagert and Kashatagh. If you would like to earmark a donation to the Artsakh orphanages, CLICK HERE and choose Artsakh Orphanages from the drop down menu.

Thank you for your continued support of our orphaned Armenian children.

SOAR is nominated
for the prestigious
Hilton Humanitarian
Prize Award!


SOAR receives Hilton Grants to renovate water pipes and Tashir convent/orphanage!