Highlights from the Sponsorship Fund

If you would like to send a letter or special gift to the individual you sponsor (Armenia only), please mail to:

Hripsime Muradyan
19/1 Tbilissi Blvd, 052
Yerevan (Kanaker), Armenia

April 2017

Manvel Andriasyan from Gyumri Social Childcare Center is one of the talented and progressive children at the center. Despite his health issues he is actively involved in life and does very well in the music ensemble and at school. Manvel may at times have serious health issues typical to his disease (diabetes), but he does not lose his faith and continues to get stronger. SOAR has continued to provide him with his diabetes strips, food, clothing, transportation fees for his music classes, utility payments for the winter months, and water heater for his home.

Susanna Slabcova from Warm Hearth received needed medications

Because of the SOAR Sponsorship Fund, Mane Karapetyan from Fridtjof Nansen received glasses, 2 pairs of shoes, trousers and food for when she is home on the weekends

Sponsored children from Vanadzor were able to go on a shopping trip with SOAR Vanadzor chapter president Manana for needed clothing and other necessary items

March 2017

Hot water for having a bath is no longer a problem for these three children. A hot water heater was purchased for Manvel and his siblings thanks to the SOAR Sponsorship Fund.

Socially deprived children are always the top priority for SOAR. These four children are taken care of by a single mother and grandmother... They have been living in very miserable conditions, but have been receiving assistance from the SOAR Sponsorship Fund for the past three years.

The most recent assistance was the purchase of a washing machine. Previously the family had no way of washing their clothes regularly.

Household goods for the children at Mari Izmirlyan

February 2017

Mushegh is one of the few children at GSCC who has a very caring and loving mother. Both he and his mother have serious health problems. Mushegh and his mother are both very grateful for every act of kindness. Recently within the SOAR Sponsorship Program Mushegh received a mobile and speakers. He is very fond of computer games and music. His progress in education is a little slow, but he is doing his best with the center's pedagogues. Mushegh has consistently been supported with food, clothing, and utility payments from SOAR.

Most parents shower their children with attention, love and care. Few children have to take on their shoulders the responsibility of taking care of their parents since they were a young child. Arpine is the very devoted child and daughter who is doing her best to care for her bedridden mother. She knows how to light the wooden heating to provide warmth for mother. After lessons, she goes to the hospital and sits at the feet of her mother, makes soup for her and feeds her. In spite of all these difficulties she has a dream. Arpine wants to become an artist. One day perhaps she will paint her "Found Dream". SOAR has always provided her with food, wood for winter, and painting materials. Her beautiful smile is reward enough to those who help her.

Artyom dreams that one day his mom will come back from prison and they will never be parted. He continues to live with his grandparents in a poor rented domic without any normal ammenities. His grandmother has applied to different community authorities for a house, but still no results. Artyom has permanent health issues. He needs vitamins, healthy food, and clothing. His grandfather is not capable of working and the grandmother is doing cleaning. Due to SOAR support he has received food packages, payment for house rent, necessary medications, and utility payments for the winter months.

Children from Terchoonian Home received funds for tuition for special courses

Seven of the sponsored children and at Gyumri Social Childcare Center and their families were facing a hard winter without adequate food, clothing and heating. Because of the SOAR Sponsorship Fund, they received the assistance they needed.

The sponsored children at Orran were able to get needed clothing and supplies

January 2017

Manvel and Ofelia received the medications they needed

Lilit and Hamlet of Kharbrd were able to go shopping and went out for a nice lunch

Ofelia was able to go shopping for Christmas presents for the first time! She was so excited!

December 2016

Nune and Edmon from Orran were able to go shopping for needed clothing and shoes

Goharik from Mer Hooys received a mobile phone thanks to her sponsor

Gifts for the sponsored children at Kharberd

Birthday party and gifts for Gayane

A shopping trip for needed items for the sponsored children at Vanadzor

Sponsorship funds for Manvel Andriasyan at GSCC not only helped with his diabetes, but also helped him to develop his talents and integrate him with other bright children. He was able to be involved in "Deghzanik", a very popular music ensemble in Armenia.

Lusine Abrahamyan from Orran has been provided with materials for Art classes

Children from GSCC and their families received needed supplies

November 2016

Ashot Gerasimyan, Samuel Hovhannisyan and Arman Baloyan from CHG were provided with diapers

October 2016

Emanuel visited his sponsored child, Ofelia

September 2016

The situation was critical for Haytyan and his family. They were in desperate need of food, clothing and hygiene supplies. Because of the SOAR Sponsorship Fund, they received all the needed supplies and had their electric bill paid.

June 2016

Lilit from Mer Hooys was able to get new glasses when after her pair had been broken

New glasses_Lilit_Mer_Hooys_Sponsorship_fund

Arthur Chomaryan was able to purchase needed clothing

Utility expenses for the winter were covered and a food package brought to Eduard Toroyan and his mother


Birthday celebration for Hamlet at Kharberd and at his studio at the orphanage where he sews shoes. He's been very happy. He is always grateful for the support he receives from his sponsor - Gayane Voskanyan.

May 2016

Gifts for the sponsored children at Kharberd

April 2016

Goharik, from Kharberd, had an eye exam, received her needed medication, went shopping, and ended the day with lunch, ice cream, and a pastry.


Suan and Suaf, a part of the SOAR SCOH Sponsorship Fund, received presents

Karine was able to go on a shopping trip for much needed clothing. She bought 2 trousers, T-shirts, blouse, shoes and a bag.

Artyom Baghdasrayan and his family received funds to pay for 2 months of house rent

March 2016

Naira Aslanian, SOAR-New York chapter president, provided needed medication for Nork Orphanage

SOAR Assists Cancer Stricken Boy

Continuing our efforts to facilitate humanitarian support for orphan and otherwise impoverished children in Armenia, SOAR provided a $500 donation from an anonymous donor to Hayk Minasyan. Hayk has leukemia and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant, which cannot be done in Armenia. We will follow Hayk’s case, and can receive donation earmarked specifically for his care. You can make a donation by CLICKING HERE and choosing Hayk Minasyan from the drop down menu.


February 2016

Lilit was born with severe scoliosis. After months of planning, the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) and the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Armenian Orphan Fund made it possible for Lilit to travel to the United States to finally receive life-saving surgery.

December 2015

Christmas gifts for Rafik and Syuzanna who are sponsored by SOAR-Brussels

Medical tests for the sponsored children at Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage

Arsen received the cell phone he wanted for his birthday!


Warm clothing and other needed items for 8 of the sponsored children at Kharberd Orphanage

Needed medications for Sasha Kalantaryana and Satenik Abrahamyan at Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage as well as a donation of 100 sets of bed linen

November 2015

Rafik Yeghoyan, sponsored by SOAR-Brussels, and his family in their new apartment. The apartment is nice and comfortable for their family, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room, nicely furnished, clean and with heating system. The mother requested curtain rods to place curtains to help keep the apartment warm, which were provided for them.

Manvel Andriasyan and his mother received food and money for needed treatments and travel to the facility for those treatments

Sponsored children from Nubarashen received presents

Gohar was able to go on a 6 hour trip in the city for shopping eating, walking around and just talking about everything.

13 of the sponsored children at Kharberd receiving their presents
kharberd_sponsored children_receive_presents

October 2015

Nazeli received the medicine she needed for her larynx

The family of Vardan Botoyan received food, hygenic supplies, including diapers, stationery, and money
for special boots for Vardan

September 2015

A distribution of school supplies for Gyumri Social Childcare Center sponsored children

Movses Kalashyan's birthday celebration. He received all the gifts he asked for...3 pairs of trainers, a watch, and a radio. It was a wonderful celebration with cake and juice with his friends.

A birthday celebration at summer camp in Sevan with "Faith and Light" for Ed. He had a very happy birthday!

August 2015

An apartment for Rafik and his family. The mother is unemployed, but works the fields in the summer, so assistance for food is also provided. Both Rafik and his sister will also be able to take swimming lessons during the summer which they are both thrilled about!

Needed food and supplies for some of the sponsored chidren and their families

July 2015

Gohar Manoukyan was able to go on a special trip to Yerevan for shopping, eating out, and for a drive. She also received the eye drops that she needed.

June 2015

At the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies event, Eduardo gave an impressive speech about his dream that brought many to tears. He spoke about becoming a photo designer in order to take photos of children that need help in order to get them the help that they need.

Games and vitamins were donated to the children. They enjoyed playing the games and learning about being healthy.

May 2015

Arman Stepanyan received the necessary medical tests and ear devices. He also receives individual and group exercises that are organized by the speech therapist.

Arusyak Kharatyan has been taken to a specialized hospital for treatments for her spinal problem and to receive tests on her knees. Special speech therapy trainings are organized for her as well.

Hamlet was thrilled with his new cell phone that he received for his birthday!


The girls at Mer Hooys received funds for clothing, lessons, and make up.

Pashik Dokholyan with his donated clothes and Eric Ayvazyan with his tablet donated by his sponsors.

A food package for Eghoyan's family

Lyova received new shoes thanks to his sponsor


Karen received a special gift for her first day of school after vacation


Eduard Toroyan on a trip to the Vatican, Italy with his mother


Hamlet and Arsen had both received tools and were able to have an exhibition of their work.


March 2015

Funds were provided for food and medicine for Manvel Andriasyan who has Diabetes Mellitus.

Clothing provided for Lyova

February 2015

Medication and other necessities were purchased for Raffik Yenokyan and his sister by the Brussels chapter.


Rafik's siblings were also given needed treatments

January 2015

A visit to Azat Grigoryan, who has cerebral palsy, was brought his favorite sweets and foods.

December 2014

Karapet Darakchyan at SOS Kotayk with his presents from his sponsor

Sponsored children from Mari Izmirlyan received Christmas presents on behalf of their sponsors

Some of the sponsored children at Nubarashen received Christmas presents on behalf of their sponsors

Gor Nersisyan received new hearing aids. Several tests had been done to decide what type of devices were best for him.

Hamlet and Arsen receive working tools

November 2014

Karine Yesayan received a new tablet to help her with her education thanks to her sponsor


Sponsored children at Kharberd Orphanage wearing some of their new cloths and shoes


A shopping trip for the children of Kharberd Orphanage


October 2014

Clothes and shoes purchased for the sponsored children at Children's Home of Gyumri


September 2014

Distribution of school bags for the children of Gyumri Social Childcare Center


Arsen's birthday celebration at Kharberd. He was very grateful to receive the Tablet he was asking for. Now he can practice all the things he has been learning in his computer classes!

Movses Kalashyan's birthday celebration!

July 2014

Aram Grigoryan from Mari Izmirlyan had a special birthday celebration. He wants to become a pilot and take his sponsors on a ride!

Presents from shopping day for the Kharberd sponsered children...

Excerpts from a letter from Siranoush...

Dear George,

Please find attached some pictures of the sponsored children enjoing their rest at the camp in Shorja. It's on the other coast of Lake Sevan. It's a two hour drive to get to Shorja. The children were very happy. Special thanks to the sponsors on behalf of all the children...

June 2014

Excerpts from a letter from Siranoush...

Dear George,

Please find attached the pictures on our visit to Gavar...
Pictures of the presents on the mini bus,... at the orphanage,
children with their presents and 2 boxes of ice-cream.

Excerpts from a letter from Siranoush...

A visit to Vanadzor to meet the girls and to arrange a birthday party for them. They were bought two cakes, cookies, chocolates, juice and summer shirts. They send their love, greetings and thanks to you for your attention, care, presents and the lovely day they had together with their friends.

May 2014
Congratulations Ani on a job well done!

January 2014

Due to the generosity of several donors, Marcel at Kharberd received the special chairs and bathing equipment he needed!

May 2013

In the summer of 2012, Gayane Voskanyan visited one of her sponsored children, Hamlet Arzumanyan, at Kharberd Orphanage. She promised him a laptop after hearing that it was the one item he had always wanted. In May 2013, Gayane shipped the laptop to Armenia and her uncle picked it up at the post office and handed it to Hamlet as a birthday surprise. There were no words to describe his appreciation. "One of my dreams just came true," he said. Thank you Gayane for your continued support of Hamlet - your gift will bring him much joy!


September 2012

Mary Izmirlyan Orphanage. Edgar Gaukchyan receives a special package of school supplies from his sponsor. Thank you Megan!



June 2012 - Kharpert Orphanage. Sponsor Gayane Voskanyan:During my June 2012 trip to Armenia, I made a personal choice to visit Kharpert Orphanage where my sponsored child lived. I used to walk by that building when I was a small child and never imagined I would one day come back and actually be part of something great and unforgettable. M y first meeting with Hamlet was surreal. It was very emotional, but I kept my tears back . . . to finally see him in the flesh. He was definitely surprised, but in his words, "he was pleasantly surprised." Hamlet is such a gentleman.. He made sure I was comfortable, he made sure he opened the doors for me and was absolutely a delight to speak to. I am so very proud of him for his dedication, his zest for life and his desire to excel in life. While I was there, he was preparing to take some academic exams - I see him going far even with his disability. When I visited him the second and last time before I returned to the US, I asked him what's one thing he really really wanted. He hesitated at first as he was embarrassed, but he finally told me that he would love to have a laptop. I told him not to worry. It may not be right away, but he WILL get his laptop. Seeing his face light up was absolutely priceless.

Not only I was happy to meet Hamlet, I also enjoyed meeting the rest of the kids from his group. They were an absolute delight. Their smiles and their genuine thanks to see me visit them and accept the lolly pops were worth all the money in the world. I just wish I can do more. However, I go by the following motto: To be part of something great and do good for society does not require millions, but a caring heart and a helping hand.



October 2011 - Trchooian Home. Funds from the Child Sponsorship Program were used to purchase new bunk beds for Aleksandra Grigoryan and Mariam Simonyan at Trchoonian Home. The girls love their new sleeping arrangements!

August 18, 2011 - Children's Home of Gyumri. Anjela Enroqyan turned 3 years old. Her sponsor, Michael Smith, hosted a birthday celebration for Anjela at Children's Home of Gyumri, complete with cake and special gifts for the birthday girl!


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February 2011 - Gyumri Social Childcare Center. Lilit Martirosyan sponsored Arsen Alaverdyan at Gyumri Social Childcare Center. In April, Lilit treated the children to an excursion at the Yerevan "dolphinarium." Some of the children had never been to Yerevan before - they had a wonderful time!

Dear Lilly Martirosyan,
I am Martikyan David.
On Friday we went to Dolphinary, we saw dolphins swimming, dancing and singing, playing. It was wonderful show, there were also funny sea calves playing with a girl and the boy.
I like that day, I was really happy.
Thank you Lilly Martirosyan for your assistance.

I am pupil and I attend to GSCC (Gyumri Social Childcare Center).
On Friday we had a wonderful excursion to Yerevan Dolphinary.
First time in my life I see dolphins and sea calves there are amazing. They are so kind animals. So funny. I love them. I really enjoy the show.
I want to say thank you to my teachers and Lily Martirosyan for organizing that beautiful event for US.
Thank you Lili Martirosyan Jan !!!! (jan at the end of a name is in Armenian term; it means dear)

February 2011 - Nubrarashen Orphanage. Michael and Sherry Sorbera sponsored Vartoush Haroutounyan, a special needs child who resides at Nubarashen Orphanage. On the occasion of her 14th birthday (3/18/11), a special celebration was held at Nubarashen, and Vartoush was given a blanket hand-knitted by the Sorberas. It was a very exciting day for her!


March 2011 - Gyumri Social Childcare Center. Arsen Alaverdyan at the Gyumri Social Childcare Center received two items purchased through his sponsorship funds (Lilit Martirosyan sponsor): an electric heater and television set. Because of Arsen's delayed psychological development, the television set was recommended by counselors to assist with his therapy. He was very excited!


Gavar Easter Party

A party!!!

Sponsors Harold & Anne Booher extended their generosity to their child’s whole orphanage this spring, treating the children to a special Easter party with fruit and chocolate. It was a great success!