Sponsorship Timelines

The Sponsorship Fund not only allows SOAR to fulfill needs specific to the orphaned children and
adults we support, but creates a family of children we are able to see grow and mature.

Please meet Lilit Shakhkyan at Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage!


Lilit loves to be the focus of attention! She has individual training sessions which she enjoys very much as well as playing with constructive games, dolls, and with bright-colored toys. Lilit was born with a hearing problem and though she used to mostly communicate with facial expressions and behavior, by attending a special school for the hearing impaired during the week, she is learning other forms of communication. On the weekends Lilit lives at
Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage.

In 2011, SOAR contributed to the costs of ear surgery for Lilit in which a Baha device was implanted in her ear. In October 2012 we visited Lilit at MI, where we were told that additional surgery will not help her hearing condition. Sponsorship funds help to defray the costs of extra help for Lilit on the weekends when she is at MI.