SOAR - Yerevan Chapter

Yerevan became part of the SOAR family in March 2010. In an effort to maintain strict accountability and transparency in Armenia, we welcome several new Board members whose roles involve primarily quality assurance. We define “quality assurance” as planned and systematic activities, implemented within our communication and distribution system, to assure that our tangible distributions (goods and services) are fulfilled. SOAR-Yerevan is overseen by Executive Director, Hripsime Muradyan, and liaisons to all of Armenia’s orphanages in and near Yerevan.

Board of Directors:

Alina Karapetyan

Alina was born in Yerevan and she lives and works there as well. She graduated from the Agricultural Academy Faculty san-examination. Alina has worked in the telecommunication industry since 1997. She was head of the telemarketing team for Airnex Telecommunication Company. For more than five years she worked for VimpelCom LTD as a KAM. Currently Alina is working as head of the corporate sales department for Rostelecom Armenia. She has certification in management, TOT, and as a trainer she trains the Rostelecom staff.

Anna Aleksanyan

Anna is from the Syunik region of Armenia, now living in Yerevan. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics in 2002 at Armenian State Engineering University. She has more than 11 years of working experience with various local and international organizations in Armenia. Anna has been engaged as a Projects Coordinator/ Trainer on grant programs implemented in the South regions of Armenia, mainly funded by the OSCE Yerevan office and USAID.

Anna has taken part in a few national and regional projects implemented in Armenia and in the Caucasus region as a gender focal point and represented the process/ activities, issues and results of those projects in different levels and auditoriums. She has participated in a number of local and international professional workshops and trainings in and out of Armenia‚ which have added a great amount of experience to her educational background.

Since 2009, Anna has been a founding board member of Women’s Development Resource Center Foundation. The Resource Centre increases women’s participation in economic and political lives and assists in the development of women’s entrepreneurial and professional skills. The foundation implements educational initiatives aimed at gender equality, protection of women’s rights, community development, journalism, leadership, and solving local issues.

Sona Avagyan

Sona earned her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics: Italian Language from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov in 2013. She is currently a Master's student there in the Department of Linguistics: Linguistics and Typology. Sona is a freelance translator and has also held many positions as a translator and interpreter. Currently, Sona is working as a translator for the renowned Armenian artist Rafael Megall and Italian Art Critic Demetrio Paparoni. She also is a translator for SOAR. Sona is fluent in Armenian, Italian, and English and also speaks Russian.

Vahan Avanesyan

Vahan Avanesyan is currently a student at the Armenian State University of Economics. He served in the Armenian army between 2007 and 2009 and is fluent in Russian, Armenian, and English. He is very excited to be part of the new SOAR-Yerevan Chapter.

Karine Djagharyan

Karine graduated from Yerevan State University with a degree in Decorative and Applied Arts. She has worked in the retail business as a Consultant Seller, but is currently employed by Beeline Armenia as a Mobile Number Portability Specialist.

Karine is fluent in Armenian, Russian, and English.

Karine Grigoryan

Karine attended Yerevan State University studying International Relations, but is currently attending London School of Business and Finanace majoring in International Business Finance. She is an Administrative Staff Member at Chango Coffee Shop in London as well as an intern as a Sales and Marketing Consultant at Studies Planet Agency also located in London. Karine has held several volunteer positions as well such as the External Relations Team Member for AIESEC International Youth-Run Organization in Yerevan and as the Event Manager for Master Plus International and Business School also in Yerevan. She is currently volunteering as the Marketing and Communication Manager for Erasmus Student Network City University in London.

Karine is fluent in Armenian, Russian, English, and also speaks German.

Lusine Grigoryan

“The most vivid picture of my grandmother, a wise woman having witnessed repressions of the Stalinist era, were the words, which she frequently repeated to her grandchildren, “The only thing they can’t take away is the knowledge: they can take your home, your property, but not your knowledge…”

Those words meant nothing to a teenager girl, who looked at the world through rose glasses, but as Lusine grew, they became a leading light helping her to surmount many big and small challenges. They helped her to get a higher education and to occupy and maintain her place in the professional arena. They help her to break stereotypes of “Armenian married women” in a male-dominated patriarchal society, by setting an example of working woman, caring mother and supporting spouse, and active member of the civil society promoting leadership and gender equality.

The fact that Lusine recorded high scores in her previous academic studies (Yerevan State University of Linguistics, Finance Banking College, International Scientific Educational Center by National Academy of Armenia) and steady professional growth in her workplaces (in New York and Yerevan) are certainly big pluses, yet she feels they should be added to the merits of her professors and fellow coworkers who helped her attain such results.

Lusine has chosen the role of an active player, who will tell the children success stories where she made her personal contributions due to hard work, support, and of course studies.

Lusine is Director of “LuMa Group” LLC, who pride themselves in being the light that provides a unique opportunity to everyone to travel, feel, gain and live as they deserve. These kind of opportunities are granted to everyone who have dreams to achieve, progress and accomplish.

Maria Hovsepyan

Maria has her Diploma in English and International Journalism from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov. She currently holds positions as an Events/Media Coordinator for Cafesjian Center for the Arts and as a Freelance Reporter with She has numerous published reports and interviews. Maria is excited to become a part of SOAR Yerevan, introducing a new Bible study course she created for the SOAR Bible Study Program.

Hasmik Karapetyan

After graduating from the Bryusov University of Foreign Languages, Hasmik worked for a couple different companies:
an advertising agency "O Soleil" and a telecommunication company "Vimpelcom".
She currently holds a position representing the products of the company "Mosenc" in different countries. "Mosenc"( is one of the leading Latvian enterprises for the production of coffee, as well as chocolate products. For the past ten years she has represented the company's products in different parts of the world more then 30 times. She likes that her position gives her the opportunity to communicate with different people from all over the world.

Hasmik feels happiest when she is surrounded by happy people. She loves helping others and giving them joy.

Sona Malintsyan

Sona was born in Goris but has lived in Yerevan since 2010. She graduated from Yerevan State University with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Translation studies (French and Armenian). Sona also earned her Master’s Degree in Didactics of French as a foreign language from New Sorbonne University (Paris III). She worked as a consultant in a French-Swiss insurance company from 2015 to 2017 and is currently working in a French company in Armenia as a translator and specialist in digital marketing. Her job is to translate sport articles and to ensure the online communication of the company through any digital medium. She is fluent in Armenian, Russian, French and English.

Janna Matosyan

Bio coming soon

Natalie Muradyan

Natalie was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2013 she studies at PhysMath school in Yerevan. She has 1st Diploma in the National Mathematical Olympiad (Republican round), bronze medals in Iranian Geometry Olympiad, 3rd Diploma in the National Physics Olympiad (Republican round) and was a participant in the International Mathematical Olympiad 2017 in Rio de Janeiro.

She speaks Armenian, English, Russian fluently and is currently learning Chinese. In 2015 she graduated from musical school class piano. She is passionate about joining SOAR and making a difference in children’s lives.

Lilit Meshchyan

Lilit holds a Master’s Degree in Institutions, Development and Globalization from the University College, London. She has extensive work experience in the government sector of Armenia being currently involved in legislative reforms targeted at the betterment of the business environment in Armenia.

Lilit highly appreciates the role of charity in society and finds it important to nurture such culture, so continuing involvement in SOAR activities is a nice opportunity to contribute to making a change in disadvantaged children’s lives.

Irina Natalini

Irina is used to working in environments that are under high pressure. Having worked in the airline industry for over a decade, she started as a customer service agent and worked her way up to branch manager of the airport, earning numerous awards for exellence in service. Currently Irina is Corporate Services Manager at the British Embassy in Yerevan.

Vadim Ohanyan

Vadim earned his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Yerevan Physics Institute. Since 2002 Vadim has worked at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan State University as a reasearcher. During this time, Vadim also held positions as a reasearcher, assistant professor, associate professor, and junior associate at other institutions such as the Department of General and Theoretical Physics, Russian–Armenian University and the Department of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan Physics Institute. He has written numerous publications in international peer-review journals.

Vadim speaks Russian, Armenian, English, German, and Italian. His other interests include photography, gastronomy, and traveling.

Hripsime Sargsyan

For the past four years Hripsime has worked in the film, modeling and television industry. She has won numerous titles, the most recent being Supermodel International 2017 (India). Hripsime also has the lead role of Anna in the upcoming film Islamophobia (Directed by Omar Sarikaya). It will be released in 2018.

Education is also very important to Hripsime. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the Armenian State Pedagogical University in 2015, and her Master's Degree in Journalism from the Yerevan State University in 2017. These degrees are in addition to her diploma from the Atex Fashion Center and attending the Casting School in Yerevan.

Hrispime is Fluent in Armenian and Russian and is also proficient in English.

Gohar Yeranyan

Gohar earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Philosophy from Yerevan State University. In 2011, she earned her second Master’s degree in Political Science from the American University of Armenia. Currently she works at Armenian Caritas Benevolent Non-governmental Organization as a Program Coordinator for the “Regional Campaign Against Illegal Migration and Trafficking” program as well as the “Two Little Girls” anti-trafficking awareness raising campaign. Armenian Caritas was founded in Armenia in 1996 and it now carries out projects in the fields of social protection of elderly and children, community development, public health as well as migration, integration and trafficking.

Gohar feels that being a member of SOAR Yerevan Charter is a very important opportunity for her to contribute to improving the existing social protection system in Armenia in terms of having more protected and educated orphans for the sake of more self-sufficient RA citizens.